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  1. I feel your pain!
  2. My daughter is very active in gymnastics, acro (which is a lot like yoga to me) and tumbling. She can do the splits like nobody's business so she is my inspiration. I'm not choosing splits as my goal because I'm no where near that pose but I'm hoping I'm closer by the end of April! I'm going to work on my standing split as my pose and hoping I improve on wheel, camel, and bow along the way (all I can do but my form might need work). My standing split I can't get my leg up too high. My daughter (8) is so funny. My husband brought me home yoga blocks and she goes "you got my favorite thing! I love using those for splits!"
  3. Hello, I have very long legs and a very short torso. Because of this I find some poses hard to do (crow, Upavistha Konasana B, etc). I chose crow as my balance pose this month so any help for that would be appreciated.
  4. I'm Miranda and I'm reading this from Maine. I'm in between a beginner and intermediate in yoga and I love this site!