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  1. Enjoy the time off! Try visualizing doing yoga.
  2. My Favorite city would have to be Barcelona. I Loved the atmosphere, great vids, awesome beaches. My favorite place to eat would have to be Rome. I spent four days in Rome and you can tell I gained at least 5 lbs from the first to the last day, bwahaha. If I can find the pictures I'll post them.
  3. If you are in this section in the forum, then I assume you like to travel. US Airways will give you 50,000 dividend miles for signing up for their Mastercard. All you have to do is make one purchase, it can literally be a pack of gum, and pay the yearly fee, which is $89 and boom you get 50,000 miles. They also through in two or three companion tickets for $100 each and you get 1 mile for each dollar spent on the card.
  4. Since we are all on different journey's through life and since we are all creators, the answer to your questions are endless!
  5. Lol, thanks.
  6. I'm new to the forum, just wanted to introduce myself. My screen name is yogajedi, I like yoga and I like starwars figured I would combine the two. I'm from Tampa, FL, I have a wife a baby, two dogs and a cat. I love working out, going to the beach and going to the movies. Favorite book: The lamb by Christopher Moore Favorite Movie: The Secret Favorite Good Guy: Doc Holiday/ Tombstone Favorite Bad guy: Tony Montana