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  1. Does anyone that teaches private sessions at a gym? and if so, would you be willing to share what percentage of the client cost you pay to the facility for the use of the space? I am a full time employee at a Physical Therapy facility and gym and they have asked me to start teaching private sessions. Unfortunately, they would like to charge the client $65 and only give me $20 of it which I don't feel is an appropriate split. I'd love any feedback on what you may be currently doing!
  2. Hello All! So can we talk class music?? I have to admit that the most stressful part of teaching for me is the music! I'm not a music person really so putting together playlists and choosing music for my classes is actually really difficult for me! I'd love to know what others do - do you use Spotify or Pandora? Anyone full albums you use that you'd suggest (I do have a few great acoustic albums I use a lot!). Thanks for your help! Danielle
  3. I know for me I learned/ absorbed a lot of this when I had to observe classes during my teacher training. To be honest when I'm taking a class I'm totally not aware of the time and how long we spend on each "segment" of the class. When I was doing my observation time I made sure to take note of how long teachers spent on warming up, cooling down, standing, etc. and often write down the sequences so I'd have an idea of how long different sequences took when I started to plan my own classes. For the first few months I often wrote out my class plan and then did the class myself to "test" to timing, but after awhile it became a bit more intuitive and I can plan a class having a general idea of how the timing is going to work out.
  4. Thanks Candace! I definitely tried to focus on what I could take away from the class, but unfortunately it got to a certain point where I really felt like it was counterproductive for me to be there. yogafire - Trust me, it was quite a challenge to stay on my mat for as long as I did! To be honest, the only reason I didn't ask for a refund or credit towards my class pack it because I know the owner of the studio fairly well and I didn't want to be rude, it was an unfortunate experience, but at least now I know which class to NOT go back to!
  5. Similar to Candace's story above, I was holding my hands about a foot over someone's head with essential oils on my hands during savasana and THEY SNEEZED! ALL OVER MY HANDS! It was totally gross, but also kind of funny - I had a hard time not bursting out laughing! They felt terrible and instead of continuing around the room I snuck out to the bathroom to wash my hands!
  6. Hello All! I've always been of the mindset that there is no such thing as a "bad" yoga class, that each teacher has their own style and it's all a matter of personal preference. I went to a class yesterday and let's just say this teacher certainly challenged that belief. I'm wondering, how would you handle a class that was truly unbearable - music was blasting, she had to yell to talk over it, her cueing and sequencing were all over the place and when she demonstrated poses she was doing them incorrectly herself. As a fellow yoga teacher I tried to focus on my own practice and be open to a "different" teaching style, but my frustration was growing and there was nothing about being on my mat in that class that was serving me in a positive way. So, with 15 minutes left to the class, I did something I never thought I'd do...I quietly rolled up my mat and left. I'm wondering, how would others handle a similar situation? I'm torn on whether I should have stuck it out despite how the class was making me feel, or if leaving was the right thing to do since the class was having the exact opposite effect of the calming, reflective practice I was looking for. Namaste Danielle
  7. Hi there! Just found this blog and looking forward to following along and joining this forum community! I'm Danielle reading from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I'm a 200 hour RYT and I particularly enjoy sharing the benefits of yoga with athletes and those with disabilities.