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  1. Right now I am doing Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body Guide. It is intense! Every workout you get two circuits with four exercises in each. You do each circuit for seven minutes and repeat for a total of 28 minutes. People have amazing transformations using it, but I am using it just to tone more. And you don't need a gym to do it, they are mostly body weight exercises. There's only three of these strength workouts per week, and I do light cardio as well. Other than that, I take at least one yoga class a week, and try to do some yoga every day, even for ten minutes.
  2. I have two pet peeves. One is people leaving before savasana. It's just rude and disruptive. I understand if someone really has somewhere to get to, but I've noticed it's the same people that leave early every time. I hate hearing the sounds while in savasana. My other pet peeve would be the teacher talking too fast/too much. I went to one class where the teacher told some dumb story about her getting her dry cleaning or something. It was really distracting and I never went back to her class.
  3. Right now I am using my Gaiam mat I bought for $10 two years ago and it was a nice beginner mat. I have been looking at the Manduka prolite and the Jade harmony mats, as I think it's time for an upgrade. Does anyone have any experience with either of these or other suggestions? Any help would greatly be appreciated as it's a big purchase!
  4. I'm reading this from Albany, NY! I started practicing yoga last year and I have seen so many benefits from it. This past summer I finally found a studio that I love and have enjoyed taking classes. I just stumbled across your blog and already love it!