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  1. Hi everyone! I have a few questions about standing splits. 1. Should your hip open slightly or should it stay squared with the other hip? 2. I have the flexibility to do just about a full split on the ground but in the air is another story. I think it comes down to lack of strength in unknown muscles. Does anyone know what muscles and poses to help strengthen them?
  2. Thank you for your help, Katie! I had reviewed that post as well. Based on it saying "inwardly rotate the lifted leg" I believe the hips should stay square and not open up. I love this pose but it challenges me both physically and mentally which is why I chose to work on it. I do believe abs have something to do with it. I also think it may be the butt and lower back? I could be way off here. I'll keep working at it!
  3. I've decided to work on my standing split for this month. I am able to do regular splits with little difficulty (after proper warm up) but standing split has always evaded me. I also do ballet and my teacher always comes over to me, helps me stretch and pushes my leg almost straight up so I have the flexibility but not the strength. Does anyone also have a similar issue? Any tips on strengthening activities/flows to help with standing split?