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  1. In my teacher training, we had a lengthy discussion about this during our ethics section. We were essentially instructed to do what we needed to do to not bring this sort of energy into the studio. It greatly compromises the important teacher-student relationship, detracts from the yoga experience (despite how flattering it may be), and is grounds for all sorts of trouble. From my standpoint, your teacher appears to be in gross violation of the ethics of our profession, especially as many view yoga as a sort of healing/spiritual profession - there is a power play going on to some degree, even if it's subtle. My own teacher even limits his social contact outside of the studio so as to retain the professional teacher-student relationship. From a teacher's standpoint, I would do some energy clearing work before I allowed myself to adjust a student I felt an attraction to. I don't think it's a big deal to recognize that some students are physically very attractive - it's finding myself attracted to them that is the potential problem. I can adjust a hot guy, but if I am thinking that I want to hop into the sack with him, HANDS OFF!!! [Note that this hasn't happened] That being said, if I experienced this from your vantage point, I'm not sure how I would handle it. If it felt good, it would make it all the tougher! But regardless, it needs to be addressed in some way. Ditto Larry's advice. Also, it wouldn't be out of line if you felt more comfortable mentioning your discomfort to the studio owner. Or, you could choose to attend a different class. Good luck!
  2. These are beautiful, YogaMom! Congrats on the future gig, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get more students soon
  3. Hey there! There is a really great blogger named Jenni Rawlings who has a lot to say on this particular subject ( Check her out! I don't have anything to add other than that there has been conventional yogic wisdom regarding asana that turns out to be limited to certain contexts. I think that this is one of those cases. BUT... That doesn't mean you will benefit from going crazy in the gym! If you get DOMS from your SLDL, you aren't exactly going to feel compelled to fold further into your forward fold. Just sayin' I'm not an expert, but I am married to a truly one-of-a-kind personal trainer (and former national level qualifying bodybuilder), and his hamstrings are bulkier than 99.9% of the population. Despite this, he's pretty darn flexible and would make an incredible yogi if he ever decided to go down that path *fingers crossed*. My point is that he defies conventional yogic wisdom in this do a lot of people. If I was going to use my time at the gym to complement my yoga practice, I would be placing a lot of focus on my back (right, yogafire?!). Pullups, rows, etc., because the back is underworked relative to the front body. At least that's my take
  4. This ^^^. I have to keep my personal practice separate from anything I record for this very reason.
  5. SJP42, your post really speaks to me. I have been doing a lot of contemplating lately - and a lot less sharing - about the direction that my yoga practice, social media presence, and blogging are headed. I find myself not wanting to post what is becoming an increasingly personal practice to me. I even find myself not being inspired by others' yoga selfies like I once was. In the end, we get to choose what our yoga is about and whether and/or how we want to share it. Keep doing what feels right to you! You can always do what others are doing in the challenges without posting pictures or updates if you want
  6. ALL of what Ashley wrote! I wish there was a way to bookmark this Traditionally, the material of the beads is chosen very intentionally. I doubt that most folks in the West consider this, and in many ways it probably doesn't matter much. But I wanted to mention it. I picked up a mala from a tiny shop owned by a local Tibetan refugee a few days ago, and I had to ask her what it was made out of, because it was not like others I had seen. It turns out that it was made from buffalo horn by Tibetan refugees living in India. Knowing a bit of history behind the specific mala I chose made it all the more special to me - kind of "activated" it in a way as Ashley described in the part about trying "om". I don't know where to go to buy beads, but I've come across a few sites that sell kits when looking for instructions on how to restring another mala. If you make one, post pictures please!
  7. Maybe the flyer itself isn't doing your classes justice. You could try asking those that do show up what makes them want to take your class, and ask them what sort of flyer appeals to them. For example, if your flyer shows you doing a beautiful pose on the beach at sunrise, you may not appeal to kids who are probably more apt to wanting something that appears to be less serene and more playful. Ditto what others said, though. Your flyer and other forms of marketing could be perfect but that your area needs more exposure before it's ready to act. Best of luck!
  8. Hi Lauri! I'm sorry you are struggling, and the changes you mentioned are massive! Wow. I'm glad you found this forum. I'm the person yogafire mentioned earlier, and I've been there. We all have, in our own way, of course. But I was a signal mom...a (newly) single pregnant woman, so I can relate intimately to that. Things were so overwhelming in so many ways. Oh, I absolutely agree 100% with what everyone else wrote. Just to put it a Law of Attraction sort of thing out the beginning of my 2nd trimester in 2002 I was earning just over minimum wage at an organic grocery store when I wandered into my first yoga class, which happened to be a prenatal class. The teacher was an incredible woman who studied under the late BKS Iyengar, and she ended up not charging me for my classes (she was also my doula - for free - at Sage's birth)! I don't know where you are at or what the local resources are, but you never know who may want to take you under her wing. It happened to me without me seeking it out. I'm not sure what advice I'm giving to you here in this regard, aside from just allowing your spirit to be open to opportunities that may arise. Because they do. Candace's videos are amazing and are of great quality. Also, at this point in time, you might benefit greatly from a restorative practice, especially if you are fatigued. In the Chicago area, several studios that offer teacher training programs also offer free community yoga classes to give their newly minted teachers an opportunity to practice teaching. Perhaps your area has those types of classes as well. But, don't pressure yourself to do yoga! If you want to try to sneak a little in when you aren't in the mood to do it, try telling yourself that all you are going to do is a short series of sun three rounds of surya namaskar As. That will take you maybe two minutes. Do it in your pajamas and then allow yourself to go back to bed. If you find yourself wanting more after those three rounds, you can always do some more or pop in a YBC video. Just sayin'. Finally, yoga is so much more than the physical practice and maybe exploring Patanjali's sutras or other yogic teachings would help your spirit during these times. Seriously, yoga changed my life radically (yogafire already linked to part of my story in my yoga blog), and that was three years before I ever did a down dog. I'd be really game to chat/email or whatever my contact info (including cell phone) is on my yoga website in my profile and/or signature. Sending big hugs your way...I know this is a challenging time, but I can also promise you that there is a beautiful path just waiting to be discovered... Namaste.
  9. You so did speak to it already - I totally forgot about that post! My bad
  10. Ok, so Candace's response is way too long to quote, but I appreciate that she (you!) took the time to write it! I'm going to address Candace here for simplicity. I hate the ads and I am quite sure that many others do, but you create a ---- ton of high-quality free content. Because of this, I and presumably many of your other peeps tolerate the ads and will continue to do so (me without blockers...but man, they would be nice, lol).No matter what you say, when you have a sponsored post many folks are going to second-guess whatever it is you are telling them. When that sponsored post comes from a big company like Kohls, it's going to generate even more of that. But, you can't make everyone happy. For me, I don't get irritated with sponsored posts, but I rarely read them...but I also usually check back in with YBC or whatever blog it is within a day or two to see what has been published since that sponsored post. I probably would read it if I knew that the company was a tiny home-based-make-every-face-cream-from-scratch-in-her-kitchen sort of thing, but unless it jumps out at me like that...I know from experience how labor-intensive it is to blog and create videos (my 30-minute sequence entailed well over 10 hours of work...hence why I only did this once!) and it is a real job. You don't need to defend the legitimacy of your work to anyone!I'd like to offer a suggestion because I think that doing so will disarm most of those who give you a hard time about monetizing your blog...not that you need to (see #3). Sarah Wilson has a great post that is easily accessible (link is in my first post in this thread) and she unapologetically tells the world that her blog isn't a public service and that she earns income off of it by doing x, y, and z. She is able to blog because she earns money and she makes this very clear. Also, her being so upfront about it makes it easier to swallow the whole sponsored post and ads issues that creep up. I think it would be great if you did something similar. You are offering something that is readily construed as a public service, but you are trading 10 hours of your day to do so...and your time is just as valuable to you as your readers' time is to them. I don't understand why people think that yogis should donate their services when everyone else trades theirs for green pieces of paper (in the US, at least) that can be used to obtain groceries and avoid having bills sent to collection agencies...but you could educate them by producing your own similar post.Some bloggers focus on products so that they don't have to use ads to generate income. Maybe you've already thought about this, but the quality of your videos is top-notch, and you cue very well. And not that it needs to be said but you are beautiful (which I know isn't supposed to matter but we all know it influences peoples' decisions, etc...right?!) and that works well in your favor. I know that if you wanted to eventually switch directions that you could absolutely create products that would earn you more than your ads! I feel kind of lame recommending blogs about blogging to you because your blogging is way beyond mine, but I'm going to anyway and have tons of great resources for free or cheap about this subject (Guillebeau has a manifesto of sorts called 279 Days to Overnight Success, where he made like $45-50k/year off of his blog - no ads - 279 days after he started blogging...he documents what he did in around 79 pages if I remember correctly...his books came after this, and he is doing VERY well...I'm assuming he's surpassed 6 figures from his offerings). James Wedmore talks about the difference between free and paid content (it was in an email I received yesterday, but it's up on YouTube because he entirely focuses his business on YouTube traffic), and I just kept thinking about YBC when I was watching it! Anyway, I just wanted to mention those resources in case you didn't know about them.I share your blog with my friends and on my own blog a lot. I buy your products. I don't watch your videos very often because I do my own thing, so it's not likely I'll see the donation button on YouTube. But, I still think that you would benefit from a donation button in your sidebar. Just saying.Anyway, that's my 6 cents. I love your blog and I may not represent the average reader. I love seeing new readers on this forum - it's a great community space! Your app is great (but what happened to the website link???), and knowing why reviews help you I will write one. I was just being lazy. Btw (and finally!), I'm glad to hear that you are now starting to pay yourself!
  11. Yes! I won't be posting as frequently to as I am to, but I will still be posting to both. [I wish I could blog full-time like Candace!]
  12. Hey afriske! I only briefly glanced at your blog because it's late, but I dig what I saw! I'll check it out more later. I have two blogs - and (the latter is brand new). Anyway, I would love to know if any other readers have blogs. The Yoga Desa is a blog that one of Candace's readers has. We are both on Facebook, and I'm on Instagram (@kristismithyoga). ?
  13. My hands used to get really sweaty when I'd practice yoga. About halfway through my teacher training program they stopped getting sweaty for whatever reason...hey, I'm not complaining! Anyway... I tried using chalk, which definitely helped. I know other yogis that use it as well. I'm not sure where you'd buy it, but weightlifters and gymnasts frequently use it and so I'm guessing a sporting goods store would carry it. Three words: Jade yoga mats. They are made out of real rubber and are very different than the typical yoga mat. In my opinion are by far the best yoga mats out there. Good luck.
  14. I came across this on's the comments section that lead me to share it, and not the article itself:
  15. I tried the oil cleansing method, and it unfortunately didn't work for me (at least I smelled great!). I use either unfiltered pumpkin see oil or grapeseed oil on my face in lieu of a moisturizer and other products (I cleanse with a cheap cleanser from Whole Foods), and my acne is usually kept in check. Like Candace, I am of the opinion that food and things like candida can make a big difference. If I eat peanut butter for several days, my skin will break out. So unfair. Also, dairy and wheat can cause a moderate to severe acne-like reaction in some people...maybe strategically eliminating potential offending foods will help. Good luck - dealing with acne blows!