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  1. Any reduction in harm counts. If you decide to quit eating meat twice a week, and you can commit to that and sustain that, it very much counts. If you decide to drive 30 fewer miles per week to save on gas, it counts. If you choose to be happy three mornings a week, no matter the circumstances, it counts. If you do only one moderately kind thing when you really don't freaking feel like it, it still counts. It's impractical and unkind to make major life decisions and adjustments explicitly on the basis that it would complement lifestyle or a moral scheme. That is rote, and genuine compassion does not come that way. I never eat flesh because it is easy for me, sustainable, and feels good. I can respect that it doesn't work that way for everyone else.
  2. I've been a veg for 13 years or so, and I have been living up close and personal with an omnivore for about 8 of those. It's pretty simple, because we both voiced our expectations from the start. I don't want certain pots and pans to be used for meat, and he does not want to eat tempeh again, ever. Who cooks and shops more? That's really key. I do those the most, so he rolls with my menu rather than doing it himself. Like Samuel L. Jackson says in Pulp Fiction, "My girlfriend is a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian." I do throw in a turkey sandwich if he asks nicely.
  3. I did an hour of pretty intense vinyasa this morning, which began with a lot of focus on the core. Then this afternoon I did 30 minutes of flexibility, which was light vinyasa and deep stretching.
  4. Man, I have really thought about this a lot in the past. I've found it is good for me to be quiet and stop questioning when I can directly deduce that I'm not hurting anyone. But in the interest of exploring the topic... Personally, I do not ever feel as though I am appropriating a culture because my practice is my full body prayer. My best practice is private. I don't mind saying that it's the only 'prayer' that I have ever executed with entirely good intentions and regular attention. I remain devoted because it served me when I had nothing to give and basically felt like my life was a long catastrophe that I was waiting out. I am humble on my mat, and can now sit with all of the blackness that drove me there. I am never going to India (they don't need me there) and I am not throwing myself completely into something dogmatic because that is against my nature and feeds into the falseness of new-wave American yoga culture that is, yes, driven by money. The number one way to be disrespectful is to be INSINCERE and wear, preach, market something that will fade out of your life as soon as you find Jesus, or Crossfit. Intention matters. In the end, I am so grateful to the good teachers I have known who have traveled and studied (history, anatomy, tradition, language) so as to pass on what they've learned in a respectful way. That- doing things thoroughly, so as to benefit others- is very valuable to humanity. It will never nullify abuse and oppression, but it doesn't feed it.
  5. Half Moon (and Sugarcane) pose, Birds of Paradise, and always Happy Baby.
  6. When I started kntting, I used to accidentally increase on the first stitch of each row, that's usually where that happens. For me the confusion was a combination of my cast-on method and where my stitches were facing when I began the row. Also, the yarn. It's possible that it had pulled apart a bit in random places, making it appear as though there were two stitches where there's just one.
  7. My favorite cookies, ever. Easy to make!
  8. Gideon's Army is a must-watch. It focuses on the plight of public defenders, and how low-income offenders end up clogging prisons just because they cannot afford to accept deals or pay for more adequate defense. I also recently saw David Wants To Fly- an inside look at the org behind Trancendental Meditation.
  9. Ahhhh, I have frogged so many projects, and half of them were an attempt to forge something out of Homespun.
  10. Youngblood is pricey, but I love their foundation, it's worth every penny because I don't have to worry about breakouts (which end up costing me extra $$$). Alima Pure's is great also- you can get samples in a range of shades from both of those companies on the cheap. Pacifica now has gel and pencil eyeliner and mineral mascara without animal ingredients, mineral oil, talc, parabens, etc.