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  1. I love to hear the stories behind people's piercings and tattoos! Why did you get it? Is there a special meaning? I am currently free of any piercings or tattoos, but have become very intrigued as of late. Thinking of piercing my ears as a first step to break out of my safe zone.
  2. So what kind of piercings and tattoos does everyone have??
  3. Thx Jasmine. You're prob right!! And hey check out this article I found about the significance of wearing toe rings. Thought it was pretty cool. There are definitely reasons why they're worn!! http://www.sanskritimagazine.com/indian-religions/hinduism/significance-wearing-bichwa-toe-ring-hinduism/
  4. I originally just posted because I was curious about the history and significance of toe rings. Now I'm questioning societal norms. Jewelry is pretty universal. So why is it that some jewelry (i.e. toe rings) is considered only appropriate for women? Piercings are pretty universal for both sexes. But I do totally get that some clothing just does NOT work for men.
  5. Erica, thx for the encouragement and support!
  6. Jasmine, let's start a toe ring revolution!! Haha. Those fitted toe rings sound really cool. I'll have to check them out. Wouldn't want anything too feminine. And yeah, I've always worried too much about people judging me. Certified people pleaser. Thanks for the positive encouragement What do y'all think about earrings for guys? My wife has been wanting me to get my ears pierced.
  7. That's awesome, Erica! It's funny that we wear wedding bands on our fingers and other cultures on their toes! Does that mean the marriage bond is twice as strong if they wear 2 toe rings? Lol. You think a guy could pull off toe rings? I'm really working on not caring what ppl think. I've decided that life is too short to worry about that stuff. I just think toe rings look really cool! I'm this close to getting my ears pierced!! Lol.
  8. That's so cool! Anyone on here wear toe rings? I'd love to know when you got them. So are they exclusively for women?
  9. I've noticed a lot of yoga instructors and practicioners wearing toe rings. Especially on the second toe of each foot. Is there some significance to them or just a fashion thing?