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  1. Hi Mamadances It's cool that we crossed paths! Namaste.
  2. Hello there! I'm so sorry to ear that. I don't have much headaches but I grew with my mom suffering a lot. In her case it was related to stress and food, and with a change in lifestyle they went away. I found some poses that can help you ( Take it slow, breath, and try to relax! In that same web page there are helpful articles about migraines ( Take a look and try some tips. You can also try acupuncture with a profesional, or some acupressure that you can do at home ( I sometimes use it and helps a bit! I hope you get better
  3. I think no one has posted about this topic and I have some doubts about how should I eat and stay healthy when practicing Yoga everyday. I already checked the Blog section about recipes ( and I agree that the right diet is the one that works for each body, always trying to use fresh ingredients and no processed food. Still, I would like to know your opinion about: The basic nutrition habits that help Yoga performance. Is Ayurveda esencial or important for those who practice Yoga? I thank you in advance for sharing.
  4. ... Márcia Pinto! I'm Portuguese living in Mexico City for ten years. I stared yoga four years ago but, because of my work, I couldn't practice frequently. My live changed a lot in the past year and I have more time to do other things for myself, like Yoga! Now I can practice daily at home and sometimes I go to a yoga school. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge!
  5. I'm new here and tomorrow I'll start the April challenge! It's a little late and I'll try to catch all the others. I found you (Candace) and this community some days ago; I must express my sincere admiration for all. I'll be posting and returning all the love I feel here I'm from writing from México City!!!