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    Perform , teach, and choreograph Latin dance with my Husband. Dance teacher ;ballet , modern, jazz, Zumba, and YOGA in my Studio .Mother of two beautiful and smart girls. And work as Feng Shui Consultant on the side for past 15 years.

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  1. No worries I am a dork. Finally fig out you started a new "page" for week 3 ,! thanks girl!
  2. Can anyone tell me where to find it? I keep reloading but don't see it?
  3. Where? I can't find it? On the main page? Or under week 2?
  4. Hmmm wonder when Candace will post week 3? I just did day 11 over again.. But excited I found the bind for sundial ! Lost when tried to fully straighten leg but hey.. And crow is getting way easier...
  5. I have to say I am so excited.. It's only day 14 and I missed some days with 5 de mayo and moms day and all. But today I went into handstand and didn't tiuch the wall and stayed up for a breath!!!! and then during my practice I switched hold on king dancer and didn't loose balance ! Huge things for me.. I really feel way stronger so rapidly?! and man my core after all this boat practice :0
  6. Hello all ! after 1st day my legs were sore after second day my shoulders and arms are sore, I have to say I LOVE the variety in the videos and how everyday is different. THANK YOU SO MUCH Candace ! I had no idea such a treasure was available for FREE online.. A blessing for those of us like me who live somewhere where there is NO quality yoga available . i am one of the best teachers in my state (rural south central Mexico ) But also it is obvious you really take a lot of time to plan each day according to bodily and muscle needs , really thank you so much.
  7. Hey Shannon , my name is Shannon too.. I was like did I post twice? Great job! Getting over the fear of inversion is the hardest part after that they are so fun!
  8. I'm so excited my first challenge I'm joining ! I have my 40 th bday in 2 months so I was actually looking for more things to increase my health and stamina and if I get more toned along the way awesome! I am going to pick Scorpion, I used to have a beautiful one 10 years ago (before the kids) want it to be even better , and boat , because its hard and I want to pick poses to focus on that work tone .. I have an obsession with mermaid lately but that's a flexibility issue
  9. Hi I am new to YBC also, interestingly enough I am of Portuguese ancestry and now live close to Mexico City,super cool to find a fellow yogi in the city!
  10. I'm from writing from México City!!! Wow ! Marcia ! Estoy muy cierca a ti, jiii, menos de dos horas! The world truly is a small place .. I just found YBC last week also!
  11. Hello, Shani here, new to YBC and totally hooked! Like my name I am a Mamá of 2 who dances been a dancer my whole life and also have practiced yoga since around 4 years old.. Since having children been delving deeper into my practice and moved to Mexico where my husband and I are opening(next month finally) a studio of dance and exercise featuring yoga ! Enrolled in this forum primarily to talk to other yoga teachers and Candace about classes, terrified actually about making the leap .. But considering I have been a group choreographer for 20'years and teach dance it should be easy right, HA! So reading this by the by from Tlaxcala , Mexico !