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  1. I suffer from migraines a lot, to the point that it has really been affecting my daily life. Work, family, everything depends on whether I have a migraine that day or not. And since I have them a lot, my whole life seems to be on hold at the moment. Do you think that yoga could help with them? I have been monitoring my diet to see if I can identify any triggers but so far nothing. I'm staying off caffeine, I'm reducing the consumption of cheese and sugar. My doctor said it is probably hormonal and prescribed painkillers with codeine - which I really don't to be taking since I may be replacing one problem with another one! I'm trying hard to stay off any medication, but have been taking a lot of ibuprofen lately, which leads to having an upset stomach a lot. So basically I'm wondering if you know of any cure, anything at all I could try, yoga or health style related, I'm all ears! Thank you.
  2. I don't quite understand how can some poses cause an emotional release - cry or laughter, or changes in emotional states. How does that work? I can see myself crying from extreme exhaustion but yoga is not about that, is it? So how are some poses good for anxiety, depression, etc? Thank you.
  3. Just curious, what poses are not suitable for pregnancy? I have only just started yoga and I've been exercising daily for the past 3 weeks, but would also like to have another baby. So I'm checking beforehand if there are poses that could endanger early pregnancy. Obviously as the belly grows, there will different challenges, but for now I'm just wondering about the first trimester. I will ask my yoga teacher as well next week, but thought I'd ask here first. Thank you.
  4. I'll see if I can find any research into the effect of yoga on emotional well-being. What Afriske said makes a lot of sense (reversing the blood flow, better breathing). Hildegard, what you said about not focusing on the past or future, but staying in the present, is one of the foundations of mindfulness. Since mindfulness is a rather 'new concept', looks like it is just one of yoga's many representations! Fascinating!
  5. Thank you, that sounds interesting and intriguing! I understand how slowing down can help with anxiety and depression, but how can inversions help with changing perspectives? I'm sorry, I have a background in psychology and while the importance of physical exercise in regards to mental well-being cannot be understated, I'd like to understand more about how different poses help with different issues. I'd understand the difference between slow kind of exercise and a fast cardio one, but the poses.... I just want to know more!
  6. Hi, I've not been here for few months because... I'm pregnant. Who would have thought? I'm 21 weeks now and was feeling pretty rough until about week 16, so there was no yoga for me. I was glad to just survive, doing anything with my body was unthinkable. But I feel like I'm ready to get back to it now, before things get too big and awkward. The link above talks about things to avoid but I was wondering if Candace could do a post (or video?) about simple pregnancy yoga flow - things I could actually do? I googled few things but there is no flow in my practice and I keep doubting myself - am I supposed to be doing this, that or the other? There are no pregnancy yoga classes where I live, or not during the time I could attend anyway. So I'm on my own. And I guess there might be some youtube videos but I came to trust Candace so she is my first port of call. I definitely need to do something because I feel like I'm 'shrinking', as in any flexibility I had before is gone, I'm slouching, have no energy. I cannot run or even walk fast so any cardio is out of question for me so yoga must be my saviour! Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your insights! I'd like to get referred but where I live, it is very difficult to see a specialist. The nearest hospital is also a major trauma centre, they are always busy and overbooked, which means that being seen for something as 'trivial' as a migraine is next to impossible. The tablets I was prescribed were Migraleve, which contain Paracetamol, Codeine and Buclizine. It says it on the box (in big letters), that they cause addiction, which is why I am not taking them. I am quite an addictive personality, it has always been 'innocent' drugs, such as chocolate or cigarettes, but I'm not going to put myself in a situation that could easily get out of control. Anyway, no point dwelling into it. I've been doing my yoga every day for the past 2 weeks, had a migraine the first week, but not since. I'm off coffee/black tea. What slightly helps is the '4head headache stick', it creates a cooling feeling when applied, which can hold off a migraine IF I can be in a quiet, dark room for a bit. Which is not often, during my busy days. I'll just keep going, trying new things. I'm going to be working more hours from tomorrow, so I'm just hoping I won't come down with a migraine the first day. I work at school - no place to hide or escape!
  8. I started a group yoga practice the other day. The first session was all about stretching and since it was my first time, I kind of just 'followed'. But next time I'll ask her for some advice.
  9. It's interesting that a lot of headache relieving postures are head down - something that makes my migraine worse. As for the traditional Chinese medicine, I'll look into it, see what I can find.
  10. Thank you Candace. Trouble is that it is quite difficult to get to see a good doctor here (UK). I have been to the general practitioner more than few times already, it just didn't get anywhere. I had blood work done and it didn't show anything, so all I was given were painkillers. I went to a private chiropractor as well but they are just too expensive, and although I enjoyed the 'popping' sessions, they didn't help with the migraines. Maybe I'm expecting miracles from yoga, but desperate times ask for desperate measures... I did do your 15 minute morning yoga session today and it felt good, I'm going to a yoga lesson tonight as well. I'm going to be keeping a journal to monitor the migraines together with my diet and exercise, it might be interesting to see if I find any correlations.
  11. Hi, I'm new to this forum and to an extent new to yoga as well. I did yoga on and off in the past, but I was never committed, partly due to the fact that I'm quite religious and I don't feel comfortable with the spiritual aspects of Yoga such as chanting. It's kind of hard to find guidance online (and in the real world) that does not expect you to do the whole shebang. So I'm wondering, is it even possible? Doing yoga for the physical and mental benefits, but without the spirituality? Thank you.
  12. Thank you Anahata and Candace, you have basically answered my questions. I think I got caught up in all the talk, without doing much! of the exercise. Can't wait to join your monthly challenges! I'm actually starting a yoga class tomorrow so the plan is to use that class to correct my postures and do more practise at home. Let's see how it goes.
  13. This is exactly it! Reconciling yoga with my faith is what I'd like to do but don't know how. I have looked for muslim yoga forums/websites/blogs, but I haven't been able to find any. So I'm trying to find my own way - and this forum and Candace's blog/videos have already helped me loads. Thank you, Kristi.
  14. Thank you all for your comments. What has attracted me to yoga in the first place? I did pilates for about 3 years but I got simply bored. I felt like it was going nowhere, I didn't seem to be improving much and there was no journey involved - if you know what I mean. I always liked that yoga is not just exercise but also a way of live, which is why lots of people take comfort in yoga practice and use it as a way out of stress, depression and other mental issues. I have a background in psychology so I recognize the importance of exercise and meditation in one's life. I'm also aware that I need to slow down and 'do something' before I go crazy (life circumstances) and I'm strongly drawn to yoga, cannot even explain why. I have recently got into photography as well, as a way of slowing down and living in the moment, so it's all coming together and I'm already feeling little bit better. However, what I noticed is that people take on yoga and also adopt Hinduism or Buddhism, make shrines, travel to India, become vegetarians, etc. Is that necessary or is it just a natural progression as you get more into yoga? I don't want to do that, I'd feel like I'm 'betraying' my own religion (Islam) in a way so I definitely want to stay away from that. Could you even become a yoga teacher if you didn't want to adopt the spiritual aspects of yoga? Not that I plan to, but I'm just interested. Once again, thank you for your comments.