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  1. Hi candace , I had asked you for videos for wheel pose which I was struggling with .... and you kindly answered my quest in links for your video to that... I had told you I will show you the results later and here it come ... the photo in t-shirt is a 2 day old photo , while the one in pink long sleeves was in late April of this year 2015 where i was so tight and using a block too... so happy in those and many other changes , many good Vibes to you dear, and thank you each and every time I practice .....???
  2. Hi, thanks again , I already do the pigeon but i will focus on it much more , and yes I feel a compretion in the low back while doing wheel pose , I worked on opening the chest and shoulder so the completion became much less than before but still it doesn't feel good , OK , so I'll work on my hip flexors and let u know later ..
  3. Hi Candace , after practicing for 5 months I still can't do the wheel pose any better , while other poses are getting better. can I ask for a vedio that works on opening the armpits,upper arms and upper back??? video that works specially on wheel pose and its variation???? so that i can practice it much often with other videos . thanks a lot for your efforts , with appreciation to you and your team. https://instagram.com/p/4RMi4XBRFr/
  4. sure I'm in . I liked the #YBCyogis good Idea
  5. OOhh Candace I can feel your pain, on last December 2014 I twisted my ankle too , it was too hard , I thanked God it didn't break . on February I started to practice with you yoga -( before it I had stopped practicing for 2 years because of other health issues)- I couldn't even sit in child's pose ,but i kept practicing, on march it got a better but I took a 10 day off yoga because my knees started making sounds while walking and than continued practicing for 2 to 3 times a week instead of 5 to 6 times. now my ankle is much more better, It takes a lot time to heel but in seconds one can get harmed or injured ... my knees are better but I still practice 3 times only .... its more safe for me... hope you'll get better soon .
  6. HI, well I'm a lot far from you. I'm reading this from Lebanon,Beirut.
  7. Yoga by Candace is the second on the list: 10 Great YouTube Channels for Free Yoga Videos http://www.yogiapproved.com/yoga/10-great-youtube-channels-for-free-yoga-videos/
  8. hello everyone, I had chosen the camel pose and the wheel pose for the february backbend project, but at the end of that month I hadn't done a lot progress, but continuing to play with the poses on this month project again made them much better, with no expectations will go on to the end of this month. and for the next 2 weeks I will work on my standing forward bends basic one ,wide legged one and on the sited forward bends too. and I will keep working on them in next challenge too. one more thing I wish there was yoga emojis too ,it would be funny...
  9. Hi candace, where should my weight be when doing headstand? equally spread on head and forearms? or much of it on head and the forearms are to maintain the balance ? how to be able to lift the legs together without kicking? and hope you can demonstrate in video how to grip the hands in a correct way, because I saw two different way on internet , so I want the correct one. Thank you in advance
  10. It's my first time to enter a forum and share opinions or ask questions. I love yoga, I had practiced regularly yoga before for about 2 to 3 years, than I had to stop for health problems( for about 2 years too)... Now I'm back to yoga since February 2015 I like to practice (asanas) more than meditation and I'm trying to work on the breathing exercises too..... this is my instagram : https://instagram.com/justforyoga/ so thats it... NAMASTE