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  1. As you can read in my previous post, I went to see a doctor, he said it was a muscle strain. He however knows nothing about yoga so I really can't ask him anything about poses?
  2. The doctor said it's probably just a muscle strain and gave me an ointment that should help relieve the pain. (I don't know if this is the correct term, I used google translate). It's the muscle in the middle of my back, next to my spine, on the lowest part of my rib cage. I think maybe the combination of my job and my yoga practices have added up. The intense pain is over now, but I still feel sore and a little bit "numb" and I'm just really scared to get back to my mat. I'm going to try again today, and take it really slow? I'm just scared that I might overdo it again, when the pain is gone I mean. I'm scared that I won't notice that I'm adding up to a strain in my back again, it that makes any sense. How can I make that part of my back stronger?
  3. Hello everybody! I've been practicing yoga a couple of days a week for a few months now, and came across the month by month practices from YBC. It seemed like a very good way to take the next step and to track my growth, and I chose the backbendpractice 2 weeks ago. However, after one practice I realized I wasn't quite "there" yet, the videos were pretty difficult for me to follow, so I took a step back and went back to my previous practices. However, the day before yesterday I strained my back at work. I do a very fysical job (I take care of people with severe mental disability, which requiers a lot of heavy lifting, pulling, pushing to roll someone over, etc), but most of the time it's fine. This time it's much worse, and I can't help but thinking that this might have to do with my practice from two weeks ago? That maybe I've now build up the stress on my muscles and now it "snapped" or something? Could this be the case? Also I've restrained from practicing because it just doesn't feel good yet (even sitting or lying down is painful). I now that there's some good yoga postures to relief lower back pain, but my back pain is in the middle, and I was wondering if there were some yoga poses I could practice to relief the pain once I feel ready to practice again? Are there yoga poses I should NOT do the next couple of weeks to give my middle back a rest? Because I feel like this place in my back is going to be sore for a while. Thanks a lot! (and if my English is crappy, I'm sorry, it's not my native language!) Daisy