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  1. Hi Candace and everyone, I did the flexibility challenge over the last couple of months and I am going to stick with nailing the splits. I am determined to own the pose in it's full glory! Started today (better late than never) ... after a little festive break, feels so great to get my body yogic again. Here's to nailing our goals! xo xo
  2. Hi Candace and fellow flexibility yogis, Thank you for such a great challenge. I managed to follow every single one, except the last three - as I ended up moving interstate and got slightly swamped with studying, freelancing and packing! My splits did improve and the best thing for me was that I created a regular practice - super happy to have achieved that. Now after a two-week break, I'm back doing the new Strength challenge. Yippee!
  3. Oh amazing! The minute we get a day over 30C it's followed by a 19C day or something like that. Ah, Melbourne. It's an ongoing relationship!
  4. I'm glad I checked in here, my question was exactly on how to find the links to some of the poses (for the challenge). I've been working through the infographic. Pays to check! Loving this challenge, it's encouraged me to create a morning\afternoon practice. Cheers, Leona
  5. Hi Candace, I'm based in Melbourne, Australia – only 18 days till summer ... wahoo! Cheers, Leona
  6. This is a great challenge Candace! I'm late into the game, but I am going to go for splits. Will upload the starting photo to Instagram and get started – yippee ...