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  1. My flexibility in my hamstrings has improved greatly from where it started, though my left side has always been looser than the right. Several months ago I started experiencing a pain in my right Biceps Femoris tendon, which often triggers before feeling any stretch in the hamstring. I have been cautious with it and rested it over the Christmas period, doing little yoga besides gentle restorative poses for about 3 weeks. While doing reclined big toe pose (with a strap) today I noticed it again. Any ideas?
  2. @HGB yes.
  3. Trying to solve this problem for myself, got some loose drawstring yoga trousers for men off Amazon (UK) which work to a point. They are stretchy and it's nice to not have to worry about pulling up the material in tree pose etc. However they don't have any pockets which is really annoying for getting to/from classes. Also they are a bit too baggy if anything.
  4. I'm aware of the concept because veritasium did a youtube vidieo on it, I haven't read the essay ether. Also you've answered your own question Hildegard There are many veriables involved in weather or not someone will get value out of something at a given time, and as you say peoples needs/tastes etc do change over time. No single entity can cater for the needs/tastes of everyone, that's why collaboration is so powerful.
  5. Agree, different teachers have there own strong points, and explain things in different ways. There is a lot to be gained from drawing from multiple sauces. Sometimes there is a tendency to consider one sauce/thing etc as best. This really doesn’t work as reality is not a liner scale, where higher skilled individuals can do everything plus more. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
  6. There hasn't been anyone on chat lately.
  7. You can do tripod headstand against a wall with blocks under your shoulders, my teacher showed me how to do this. Lift the knees onto the arms first, then lift up.
  8. I'd assume something thinner than greek yogurt would work better. At least whats sold as greek yogurt in the UK is verry thick.
  9. Candace, I'd assume that your 'months of delay' is due to scheduling around other stuff your developer is doing. While I don't work in the industry any more, I feel learning to code is one of the best things I did. I love being able to implement ideas without waiting on others.
  10. I don't have any suggestions, but love the drawings. The style is kind of a blend of eastern art with 'Celtic'/fantasy.
  11. Thus far my experience with increasing the range of motion in my hamstrings has been: - Stretch them for several days - After a while the muscles feel sore when I wake up and my range of motion decreases - The soreness goes away after a few days and I find my range of motion has increased. I found the following article which describes it as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, howeaver it does not draw a clear conclusion as to weather it's an indicator of pushing too far, or a necessary part of progress. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Thanks for the link, interesting to know. Generally it does limit my range of motion for a few days, until it goes away. At that point range of motion typically increases over where I started.
  13. I don't understand the context of your question.
  14. Sometime towards the end of last year my usual teacher had a session with only 5 or 6 attendees, compared to 20 or so typical. Last week it was so packed you could hardly move.
  15. When I first started doing yoga the pose shown by Larry above was completely ineffective for me. Now it works if I sit on several blocks, but I still don't find it hugely useful. To begin with my hamstrings where so tight that even sitting on a block my pelvis was tilted backwards from vertical, putting the force of the stretch on the low back. An effective way I have found of stretching the hamstrings derives from the link at the bottom of Larry's signature. Find an object you can put your leg on while standing. It's height should be such that when you straighten your leg you start to notice a stretch before the leg comes totally straight. This could be a table, chair or staircase for example. You may pack underneath the foot using blocks, books etc to fine tune the height. Put your leg up on said object while standing with your knee bent, you should not feel a stretch to begin. Slowly straighten the leg until you *just* begin to notice a stretch. Hold this position until the sensation goes away then straighten it a little more until the sensation comes back. Repeat. Don't force it and don't hyper extend the knee.
  16. It only seems to be triggered by poses that isolate the hamstrings, such as reclining big toe mentioned above. I don't notice in regular forward bends. I've been avoiding such isolating poses, but I'm being cautious overall as I don't wish to slowly damage a tendon/muscle. Thanks for the suggestion, the variation you posted is about the state of my forward bends at the current time.
  17. Using only 3rd party sites for content hosting is not a reliable way of avoiding malware. For example recently there has been an upsurge of malware distributed through large advertising networks, meaning that said malwere could show up on any site which uses adds from that service. ANY media file can be a means of exploitation, if there is an error with the code that processes it. Lately there was the stagefright issue on android, allowing android phones to be hacked by simply sending them an MMS. The root problem of this issue is that systems today are becoming extremely complicated. If they are to be bulletproof in there security the code must be flawless, which is not at all easy to do. Filtering media files by re-encoding them (as youtube etc does) can prevent volubilities from being exploited, but any 3rd or first party media content at all could be a risk, even from large sites if the site gets hacked, which is no at all unheard of.
  18. I believe this is to avoid 'scrunching' the low back.
  19. If possible attending a few classes near you and getting to know people locally would be a good plan, you can't beat talking to someone in person. This can take a while, I generally find it takes about a year to really get 'in' with a group.
  20. Hi Chillipepper, I'm in the UK as well, south Wales. Practising on your own is a fine way to go, though I do find classes useful for sequencing ideas.
  21. Welcome @ccoel. In what areas do you find your flexibility lacking?
  22. any reason why you like going without?
  23. Only you know what you are able to handle and everyone is different, if you feel ok with it then keep going.
  24. What is your business venture? does it inspire you? The reason I'm asking is because with my own business, it's something I have a strong personal interest in and I have a hard time not working on it, and pushing everything else aside. I'm someone who is very bad at multitasking, largely because I'm only really able to mentally conceptualise one thing at any given time. Also I get distracted *really* easily, and when that happens I basically forget everything about the previous task and go off on a tangent. Basically the previous working memory ceases to exist. Because of these things I find changes in physical location, with task relevant stuff in clear sight to be useful. If I can't see something, and it's not a 'habit', it doesn’t exist to me. I also find it essential to totally eliminate detractions if I am to get anything done at all. My workshop is deliberately offline, and I do not have a smart phone because of this. I don't personally understand how the modern world works at all with so many distractions.
  25. I've always been inclined towards keeping things only as complex as they need to be, and have always found many common aspects of typical modern lifestyles to be needless overhead. Back in 2010/11 I ran across the 'voluntary simplicity' movement and found resonance with it, generally to question why you are doing everything you are. Under such scrutiny many things one may think they need end up falling away. While I'm not following this philosophy to quite such an extreme as I was, the skills are still essential to what I'm doing at the moment. I find this 'question everything' mindset aligns well with yoga, which applies a smiler philosophy to self realisation and execution of the asana. Has anyone else experimented with this?