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  1. Hello! I´ve been practising yoga for a few years now, although I still think of myself as a beginner. I think nearly every teacher I have had has taught candle pose as the ´easy´ inversion in the class. Until now, every teacher has told me that you point your toes, or ballerina toes. My current teacher, who is trained in Iyengar, insists that my toes must be flexed. I´ve tried searching online, and it seems that in most photos, people use pointed toes. I´m just wondering if anyone can clear this up for me - how should they be? is there some reason my current teacher keeps insisting on it? I find it much easier to keep my balance and keep my legs doing what they should with pointed toes, which I think has to do with the fact that my knees hyper-extend - when my toes are pointed, its a lot harder for them to hyper-extend, and its easier in general for me to keep my legs ´light´. With my toes flexed, I need to engage muscles that the same teacher keeps telling me to relax.... basically, I´m confused! If there is a good reason for me to keep my toes flexed, I´ll battle with it, but if not, I´d prefer to keep doing it the way I always have!