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  1. For me, the ultimate book is "The Little Prince" (or "Le Petit Prince"). It's an extremely easy read, but in between the lines there's so much truth about what's truly important in life and it makes you really reconsider the things you think are important in your life. I read a couple of pages every time I can't sleep at night.
  2. I like this discussion! I'm trying to go vegan, but I think I'm okay with being a flexi-vegan or something like that. It feels good to me to practice non-harm to animals and being critical about what I eat as part of mindfulness. I consider the yoga philosophy as a mindset in which one strives to become a more mindful person and not close your eyes to the things you don't wish to see. So knowing where your food comes from and what it's made of is part of that. Besides, I feel more energized eating lots of fruits and vegetables and not eating a lot of meat and dairy, which contributes to my yoga asana practice, but that's different for everyone.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm in week two of re-doing the strength project. My chosen pose is forearm stand, but I find it very hard to do it off the wall. I find myself kicking up more than I like, but I'm not sure whether I still lack core strength, or that I need to focus on balance more. In the picture I look like some sort of banana but I was off the wall there for a split second. Any tips for improvement?
  4. have you seen the online courses at doyouyoga.com ? Some are free, for some you have to pay a small price. I occasionally do some parts of the courses to keep me motivated and add my own routine to it. You can also check out Yoga Fix 90 on Youtube, though I find them quite hard sometimes!
  5. I usually consider yoga to be only asana, even though I know that there's more to it. I just keep telling myself that I have no time for things like meditation, chanting and the like, while I know my reason is just that I find asana most fun part of yoga..
  6. I love dancer's pose, even though my balance sometimes tricks me. I generally love backbends..
  7. I´m working on double pigeon (firelog pose) lately, but it's so challenging for my hips. I can do lotus, but for some reason my knees won't get stacked onto the other foot.. Practice makes progress I guess..
  8. I just registered for the forum, never quite noticed so many people are doing the challenge! I've been doing the March and April challenges and I love it so much! It really gives me the motivation to hop on the mat every day. For both the projects I've been working on dancer's pose, because balance is not my greatest strength. Thank you so much for the great schedules Candace!
  9. Hi! My name is Yvonne and I'm reading this from Nijmegen, the Netherlands.