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  1. I have seen some studios and yoga rooms that have mirrors on the wall, I personally have not practiced in a room with mirros, but I wonder if anybody has and wants to share their opinions, how different was your practice from having mirrors to not having them . I wonder if the reflexion is distracting or helpful
  2. I was lucky enough to recently visit an orchid farm and take the tour of the green house , and what an eye opening it was, one of the many things I learned is that it take the plant 4 years before it is ready to be sent and sold at the stores where we see them and after realizing this I can't look at an orchid the same way , and after realizing that and asking some questions to our guide she explained to me that the number 1 killer of orchids is over worry , yes she explained that when we start worrying too much we start either over watering or under watering and that made a lot of sense.
  3. Hi ! Does anyone have some yummy smoothie recipes? I'm always looking for new ideas
  4. To me it would have to be "Momo" by Michel Ende ,ever since I read it years and years ago, it has really stuck with me has taught me to see everyday in a different way , really great novel. "Time is life itself, and life resides in the human heart."
  5. I had the chance to attend Bhakti fest last summer in California and I thought it was amazing it goes on for 5 days an there is so much to do , During the day there are different yoga classes to attend anything from restorative to acro yoga and different meditation classes as well, there is a food area where everything you get is made at the moment and organic , most of it is vegan or vegetarian , as the sun goes down there are some sun setting yoga classes that are great , and at night there is this concert like area where you get all the different musicians and artist performing and it turns into a big dancing part that goes on for a lon,long time , the energy is incredible and I forgot to mention that all this takes place in the desert , whit the most beautiful open spaces , don't worry there is a lot of shade and you get to experience the great sunset views and at night the magnificent desert sky filled with stars , it is just great , and they offer different types of accommodation, going from camping and RV areas to bungalow style rentals or there are always a ton of little hotels close by in Josgua tree or Yucca valley In case you decide that you got your festival dose and feel like exploring, you have Joshua tree national park right there , with tons of great hiking options or rock climbing This is an amazing festival yo which I am planning to attend again this year an I truly recommend it
  6. Hi everybody I just wanted to suggest a very good TV show its called "Orphan Black" and it's aired on BBC America , currently filmimg 3rd season it you can catch the 1st and 2nd on demand and watch it back to back , which you might want to do , I stared watching it and after the first 5 mins I was completely hooked on it , can't tell you anything abou it other that if you give it a chance you won't be disappointed , in my opinini the lead actress Tatiana Maslany is amazing!! Her work in this show is super good , this show will keep you guessing and interested at the same time will have action and mystery to it , once you watch it please let me know what you think would love to read your opinions
  7. Hi Di welcome, hope you enjoy this site it is a great place !! Bienvenida
  8. When I arrive I just take my place , maybe sit in a comfortable possition and work on my breathing and trying to quiet my mind after I work a bit on my thights since they are so thight
  9. Loving the feeling of getting back to my practice , feeling super motivated, but still taking it slowly since my airways are still on the mend
  10. So excited!! I have chosen Dancer pose and will continue working on wheel pose ,this will be amazing , just what I need to get back to my practice after having been sick for a bit
  11. I got my manduka black pro for Xmas and im just getting around to use it and it indeed is slippery , you can feel the coating on top, I tried the salt scrubb and the difference was very little , I also tried a baking soda and a bit of water scrubb and that helped a lot more, but it still was kinda slippery to my opininon, so I went ahead and got a very fine grade sanding sponge, and rubed my mat with it in a circular motion and it feels like the coating is finally gone or at least is not slippery anymore , Im very happy with my mat now it took a bit of work but it is totally worth it
  12. Thank you I will try it tonight sounds great
  13. What a good recipe
  14. Hang in there and enjoy your trip
  15. Hi everybody, Im feeling super sad since I have been sick with an aweful cold and have not been able to practice , I know i have fallen behind but getting back to my regular practice has been challenging since my body is still memding, having problems with breathing and a runny nose while trying to focus is hard , but will take it slowly and try yo eventually catch up . Good job everybody Its so exciting to see all the great pics ,
  16. I purchased a jar of unrefined coconut oil because I had read that it would be beneficial to feed a little bit of it every day to my dogs , and so it has after a few weeks I started to see the fifference, healthy skin and shinny coats , that was when I did some more research and started to try it on my self , at night jus saving a little bit under my eyes and what a difference , before I was trying every under eye night cream in the makers and after trying the coconut oil I will not go back , my skin is so soft and hydrated , I'm also using it after a shower just rub a little bit at my hair ends and they arw starting to feel smooth and look healthier, if you decide to try it make sure to get unrefined cold pressed coconut oil that way you are getting it in its purest form and you take advance of all the benefits it provides , in cold climate it will be solid in a white pearl like color , but all you need to do is warm it up for a second and it will turn into oil easy to use. Do you guys have any more natural skin remedies would love to read abou them
  17. So excited! Finished 2nd day of practice and i'm working on crow pose and baby grasshopper, feeling empowered!!!
  18. Sooo cool! Please count me in, I will work on crow pose
  19. Super excited!!!
  20. So cool ! Thanks
  21. I had known them as the double goodbye
  22. WOW !! I just read the post and everybody did sooo good! Im so happy and proud of having been able to take part in this amazing adventure , to eveybody I really hope to keep seeing your pictures as you guys keep practicing Definitely will keep working on my practice and keep using #ybcprogress Candace I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance, imput and patience that you have given us , really thank you for this incredible oportunity , and I cant wait to see what you have planned for January ❤
  23. Colorado would be so beautiful during that season
  24. This has been such a fun project ! It has helped me to get to know me better , yes now I am aware of what my limitations and my capacities are and this ones are limitless !!! So happy about the improvement , can't wait to see everybody's photos
  25. Hi guys , I just finished today's practice and took some photos for the final update on the project , and I have surprised myself I could not believe what my body is able to do now with the following of Candace's videos , it is amazing how far I have come from the moment when we started up to today ! I have loved being part of this adventure and would love to hear everybody's thoughts