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  1. Hello There, I wasn't sure where to place this question, but I hope it will be alright to ask it here I'm conditioned to drink a lot, I never go anywhere without a bottle of water, and as soon as my bottle of water is empty, I have to fill it or get a new one ASAP! I feel seriously bad if for example I leave somewhere in a hurry, and don't have the time to grab some water. During my sport history, before taking up yoga, I was always encouraged to drink water whenever I felt like I needed it. So I took this "practice" with me to yoga too, and although I was never explicitly discouraged from drinking, I did notice that many yoga studios tell (or it's written on their websites) people not to drink during classes (not drinking a drop of water for 90 min sounds like a torture to me) and many of the instructors I've seen, don't drink during their classes. There was only one case when I stopped before a pose to drink during a yoga class, and the instructor (who is a very nice person) told me that it was a way of looking for an excuse (a.k.a trying to avoid the pose, or trying to spend less time in the pose). Well, I just felt thirsty. At least that's what I think I felt Anyway, I know yoga is about accepting, and most likely you'll tell me to do whatever I feel like I need to, aslo it's not like if someone tells me now that I really shouldn't drink water during yoga, then I'll stop it, still I wonder if it's actually in any way ruining my practice / bad for my health? Obviously, when I practice, I just take little sips of water, but still, it does interrupt the flow. Is interrupting the flow / stopping between two poses bad? These might be silly questions, but I'm very curious to read some answers. Thanks
  2. Hey there, so cool to read about someone who mixes spinning/cycling + yoga! I always wanted to ask about it here, on the forum, but never got around doing it. I'm no sport expert, but I'm both a spinning/cycling and a yoga fan, so I'll just share what I do I've developed some severe spine issues a few years ago, and my specialist forbid me a ton of sports I used to do, because they would make the state of my spine drastically worse in a short amount of time. She basically left me with swimming as the only option in case I really wanted to keep doing sports. But I didn't want to take up swimming, because that's the most time-consuming and fussiest sport ever to do on a regular basis (in my opinion), so I begged her to give me other alternatives. That's how we came up with spinning for cardio (because it doesn't harm the spine like running or jumping does) and yoga/pilates for improving my spinal health / reducing the pain, plus of course for the sake of doing sports and keeping fit. I really love the combination of the two, because although pilates and yoga are super beneficial both physically and mentally, I think they do need to be complemented by some good sweaty speedy cardio! And while spinning is super awesome and energizing and entertaining and builds stamina, it doesn't do anything for my spine and also leaves you in need of a good strech What I learnt, is that you are supposed to do streching type of sports like yoga, after the intensive cardio type of classes, at least that's how lessons are scheduled in my local studio. And often yoga/streching instructors ask in the beginning of their classes whether we did some other classes before, because then the streching would be even more beneficial for our warmed up muscles. Also, if you think about it, would you get up and go to a crazy spinning lesson after relaxing in your savasana at the end of your yoga class? But I'm no expert and also not a native English speaker, so I can't express myself so well )) Oh, and of course, since I'm doing this (spinning&yoga), my backpain and other issues connected to it (like going numb randomly) have almost disappeared (come back only if I don't get to exercise for a few days in a row, which I try to avoid happening of course), I lost 10 kilos and I generally feel in a better shape both mentally in physically. Anyway, it was really cool to hear from someone doing something similar to me! There are so many people who for example mix running and yoga and keep talking about it, but it's such a heartbreak not being able to join the conversation and knowing it's a waste of time to even read about it, since all spine-specialists and therapists are 100% convinced running is a bad idea for me.
  3. Hello Everyone, this is Csilla from Budapest, Hungary - although I'm currently living in Wroclaw, Poland for 6 months. Also, moving to Belgium next year for a while. Not being able to take sport classes in your native language or at least in English is pretty frustrating when you love doing sports, but need the guidance of a professional trainer/instructor. And that's how I got into Yoga by Candace, her videos and blog make feel like having my own personal trainer! Now I know, that no matter where I am, I can always have an awesome yoga session with her videos! Thank you for your work, Candace.