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  1. Definitely in! Now to choose what to focus on....perhaps forearm stand...
  2. I'm in Harrogate!!
  3. I have a student who suffers from vertigo and some days she just can't manage savasana She just meditates or rests in easy pose while slightly leaning against a wall...hope this helps!
  4. Arm balances would be fab! I am teaching a stronger class than my normal ones (it is cover) and due to an elbow injury, I don't practice as many arm balances as I would like so any tips and tricks would be great! Thank you
  5. I fell over while trying to teach Trikonasana-now, I normally fall over haha However, I totally keeled over-almost like a tower falling over-that was me-a big trikonasana tower!
  6. Hello I'm living in Harrogate, England but am from New Orleans, La! Love your YouTube videos!