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  1. I am in Germany and so far have not really come across any cute yoga clothing. Mostly just the plain solid colors. I also have the probelm of having a small chest but very large cup size (think I am currently an E cup here or more) Trying to find one that is tight enough but that holds my cup size drives me mad, let alone trying to find something cute with something extra. I plan to try and get some shopping done if I am ever back in the USA any time soon and keep my eyes out for things I can get here that are not to pricey!
  2. Thanks so much. I need to search better before I ask things but I had no idea what it was called haha. Luckily I think I only have this in my elbows and I have had it as long as I can remember (kids used to get freaked out cause it looked like my arm was broken when I was in elementary school! I actually have no problem holding my poses longer. I do get bored sometimes with hatha yoga as well but do like to feel all my muscles working. I guess my elbow area was just an area I have not paid so much attention to. I am recently also learning that I have missed some ab areas, especially the pelvic floor which causes me some trouble. So back to the basics on some ab work and making sure that my elbows stay in check. I think I totally get what you mean about the biceps (I also do weights in the gym and it makes so much sense there) I just had not really paid enough attention to that area in some of my yoga poses. It just goes to show that even when you feel aware, you still might be over looking something (even if it is not the main area you are focusing on in the pose. I honestly only noticed the issue when I was trying to get a bit ahead of myself and move into more balance work. This was all made worse by the fact that I cant seem to get any pelvic lift happening to help lift my body and too much weight was going into my arms/wrists!
  3. Hey all, As I posted before I am fairly new to yoga with some experience in classes before and have been training daily at home for about a month. I have noticed that it seems to cause me some issues that my elbows are double jointed and pop out or turn super easily. I have a very hard time keeping them tight with a slight bend and the minute I tense my arms it is very easy for them to pop out forward. For example, I can have my wrist on the floor with my fingers facing away from me (in table top for example) and my elbows can rotate to facing up and out almost over my hands without changing the position of my shoulders or hands much if at all. I am worried about this causeing me issues and am not sure how to work on it or if it just means I wont be able to do many of the poses I would like since I cant stabilize my arms so well. Anyone else have experience with anything like this or tips for me to work on it somehow? I tried to post some photos of some examples of how my elbows can bend in and out just to see if that makes it easier to understand lol.
  4. Thanks so much Paula. I have obsessively been watching how to videos for all common or dream yoga poses that I do/aspire to haha. Some of them I just am not to the point where I can do them. I can work on the shoulder stand decently but doing a tripod headstand for example wouldnt happen cause I dont have enough arm/shoulder strength! I just recently realized that I need to do a lot of work on my legs because my hips, hamstrings etc are all super tight and not flexible at all for some basic stuff. At least I love doing all yoga and not just balancing stuff.
  5. Thanks so much for your reply. I guess for me I was just wanting to be able to eventually get it instead of subbing it out though I can for sure look up some modifications. most of the things I have trouble with seem to have to do with flexibility still or the more advanced balance poses like the grasshoper one or any of the headstands. I also have a hard time with certain moves that I dont know what they are called. One today was with one knee pressed up to the chest and then the leg was straightened but I was unable to even come close to straightening the leg and keeping it anywhere near my chest. Also for example with the dancing sheba (not sure if it is called that all over or if I have it right) I have a super hard time getting the leg I am holding out front to be straight. I actually even seem to have trouble just lifting my legs up in the air totally straight for yoga or pilates and find that my feet and toes go numb really fast like that. I actually just bought a book called Yoga Anatomy 3d, which is suppose to show all the poses and the muscles used with explanations etc, so hopefully that will help a lot! I have really gotten into yoga and tend to be a perfectionist. So part of my practice will really be learning to be gentle and slow with myself and allow for imperfection (from my own eyes) and gentle progress without pushing too much.
  6. I dont currently do near as much as you do and have not yet gotten my body fat or weight were I want them (probably a big part of why!) but I do tend to include weights, cardio, yoga, and pilates into my workouts. I also sometimes mix my trx into some of the pilates or yoga moves as it can add a cool layer as well. I do find that I like to warm up or cool down with yoga on gym days, more of the stretching relaxing kinds, and on rest or more cardio days, I will do power yoga or something more challenging for me. So far I find it to be amazing to work out in the different ways and I really feel yoga brings something to my weight training and vice versa and have noticed that I personally do better in the gym after having gotten back into yoga/pilates more again.
  7. So I have done yoga before and gotten out of it for a while. I was never really advanced. I started it back up again now in combination with the gym and cardio and I would say I am probably intermediate level at this point. I am starting to find some videos online to be not challenging enough, though still nice depending on the day. I recently came accross Yoga by Candace and really love the videos as well but find that I cant keep up well with the more advanced classes or moves (I accidently turned on a Power Yoga video for advanced Yogis as my first choice haha). I would like to basically somehow work on my flexibility and strength so I can get into more of the moves and flow a bit better. Is there some way to work on this or do you literally just keep trying to do the moves that are too hard until they become easier? I am doing them at home in my livingroom with no one to watch and dont want to hurt myself or do them wrong by rushing or attemping something to hard but find that poses are usually either fairly easy for me or too challenging which is annoying at times lol. I literally just realized this afternoon after doing a shoulder stand that I was doing them all wrong with my back rounded and more of my upper back on the floor than my shoulders and trying to adjust causes a lot of falling over! Any advice on training towards the next level or videos in particular which can help with this would be great! TIA!