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  1. I Candace! I love your blog, I've been following it for more than a year! I've checked some of your video-tutorial, which I find very inspiring, but when I go to the mat I find it hard to follow a video. I prefer to have a a piece of paper with the poses on it to check while I'm practicing. This helps me to avoid distractions (to follow a video I need to touch my phone or my tablet, and sometimes it allows distractions), and it allows me to stay in a pose for as much time as it seems right for me (which can vary from day to day). So, as I like your sequences, I would prefer to have it on a printable format. Some you have done for short sequences, but for longer practices I couldn't find it in your page. If you could do it, I will appreciate it
  2. YBC is in the 17th place! Congrats @YogaByCandace!!!! The complete list:
  3. Hi! I've recently tried a belly dancing class and it was fun! I was wondering if anyone has practiced, or is practicing, it, and could give me some tips or point out a nice site or online community to learn more about it, a bit like what Candace has here for yoga. Thanks!
  4. I understand the way you feel about ashtanga. I practice it because I'm not a good sequencer, so it affords me the time to think about it. But after some time it starts feeling that you may be missing something because your doing always the same poses. Another struggle is the time necessary for the complete Ashtanga sequence... What I've made to manage those difficulties was to perform a Work Breakdown structure on it (WBS is a methodology used on project management). In general Ashtanga is organized in blocks: sun salutations, standing asanas, seated asanas, inversions, etc Sp, I broke it down, and picked another poses to each structure, which I can shuffle. This allows me to diversify the practice and have more control over the time it will require. In the post above, I've explained it better. Hope, it helps
  5. @marycom and do you know of any site similar to Candace's related with belly dance?
  6. Lululemon I got one from them, and I love it
  7. More about this subject on this topic:
  8. I've been trying to understand Ashtanga Yoga Rules and I can´t really understand this one: "the next posture is added on only when the student has gained proficiency in the previous one" I can't understand this. So if you do not do properly yet a pose you just end your practice? Without Savasana? Or if it happens let's say at the Standing poses sequence, you just stop and pass to the Seated postures and so on?
  9. I have tried to start with meditation but found it more difficult to concentrate than if I do it at the end of the practice. I could do it after Shavasana but usually I start thinking about the day ahead, so I prefer to do it before.
  10. I find interesting you don't! It never occurred to me that those could be the same. As I understood it from the studio where I attend to classes, those are different things. In Shavasana you relax and don't try to control the mind in any way, you just allow it to wander as it wants, no effort needed. In meditation you try to clear your mind or focus on a specific subject (like a mantra), so effort is needed. Maybe I'm wrong
  11. Prasarita Padottanasana (A,B C and D), Lolasana (despite I can't really perform it totally) and Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
  12. Thank you Anahata for this almost complete guide thorough Bakasana. I'm actually working on the two poses you refer to: Bakasana and Lolasana. I'm eager to start flying so I've been searching for how-to tutorials trying to keep mind notes of all the tips and the main tip I found in almost all the tutorials is: core strength. So, the main conclusion to me is: trying to perform Bakasana is good but it's pointless (and my be dangerous) if you don't take in mind you have to build your core strength. Said so, I think the best approach would be to structure your practice to build core strength first like the links below and the try to perform Bakanasa. Yoga for core strength Yoga sequence for core strength (Candace has videos about this topic too, but I prefer following images than videos) That's where Lolasana came. It is a challenging pose. I couldn't perform it more than 1 breath!!! Or to be more precise: I forgot to breath were trying to do it. Those two are my challenge poses at the moment. I want to master Lolasana because it is a really challenging pose and with that build core strength to go for Bakasana.
  13. I prefer practicing in the morning because my usual "end-of-the-day" are a bit unpredictable and the mind is tired of working all day long, so I usually get excuses to not do things at the end of the day. So I try to stick with a morning practice when there's no other issues to worry about and the time to practice depends entirely on me getting out of bed (which sometimes isn't easy) I like the feeling of starting my work day with something already accomplished. Sometimes I practice 60 minutes, other times just meditate for 10 minutes. But at the end of the day I now I've done it.
  14. I've been trying to design my personal practice for a while. At first I would try to remember some class sequences but ended up stuck somewhere. Later I tried the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series sequence but could't do half the poses. What I've learned in the process is that the best approach is to build it in blocks. Meaning so, start with a small practice, get used to it and then grow up a bit. My practice is divided in 10 minute blocks. On a good morning I have 60 minutes available to practice (I prefer practicing in the morning before going to work). What I'm doing now is: 10 minute warm-up 10 minute sun salutation 10 minute standing asanas 10 minute seated asanas 10 minute meditation 10 minute savasana On a bad morning: 10 minute warm-up 10 minute sun salutation 10 minute seated asanas 5 minute meditation (this may be skipped on a bad bad morning) 5 minute savasana On a really bad morninhg: 10 minute warm-up 5 minute seated asanas 5 minute meditation The warm-up is: ragdoll, downward-facing-dog, cat-cow and child's pose The standing asanas are selected from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series. Sometimes instead of doing those I do a YBC sequences The seated asanas are also selected from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series. I don't like to follow videos because that would make me following the teachers pace. So I prefer printed sequences and have it near my mat so when I'm finishing a block I can look to it and see what to do next. The YBC sequences I use are for example this ones: Heart pumping yoga sequence Yoga for core strength You can find the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series sequence on the internet with a simple search, like this image. Hope this helps
  15. "So I've been practicing at home to the primary ashtanga series DVD by Kino Macgregor" @ krystaLEE37 This blog is from a Ashtanga praticioner that uses it as a diary of her practice and sometimes gives useful hits: Her pictures are very inspiring!
  16. My Lululemon's "Reversible mat" arrived on Friday and I've tried it out this weekend. I'm very pleased it is very sticky and comfortable. The downside is the intense rubber smell, but no surprises on that, everybody even Lululemon say it stinks in the beginning. Hope it fades away.
  17. I'm sorry to start a new topic following an ongoing topic but I'm unable to answer to you in the other topic. I think is a limitation of this section of the forum because I checked the other topics in this section and I'm unable to make comments too. But in the other sections I can. so answering your question: I would prefer sketches because are more easy to follow during the practice. A list with the pose names would help but if I read a name and the I cannot remember which pose it is it will stuck the practice. So I find sketches easier to follow. Thanks!
  18. I've tried a Lululemon's "The mat" this weekend on a Anusara Yoga class and loved it. The class was very intense and it was wonderful never slipped and inch! So, I've just ordered the "Reversible Mat" because it looked very the same as "The mat" but with the reversible extra. I'm waiting for it to arrive
  19. Hi Márcia! I'm portuguese too
  20. Hi Candace. I'm from Lisbon, Portugal