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  1. Hi everyone! I've been on this forum for only a couple of days but I have been participating in a very enjoyable topic (about crowded yoga classes). I got the feeling that a forum format is a bit slow, and personal messaging is only a one on one conversation. I would like to suggest a chatroom of some kind where people can have larger conversation with each other at a faster rate than forum topics, if that's possible! Cheers!
  2. So in the end, you're sole mates after all! It was fun updating! But I'm glad for you guys that nothing awkward happened anymore, that would be really bad haha!
  3. How do you mean, show that you have the same size? Can't you just tell them you do? Crazy people, haha! It's good to see you too jvanhouten! Name buddies
  4. Oh right, at the time I didn't even think about the other people seeing you feet fight, that's so funny! They used to ask funny questions about your fight? And I'll also make sure I'll tell my friend not to worry
  5. That's great! At least you have a great anecdote together now! Someone recently told me that she wanted to take yoga classes, but she was afraid of packed classrooms. So it immediately reminded me of this very post! She read the whole thing and fortunately she understands that these things rarely happen
  6. I thought your reactions were very interesting! But all in all it wasn't too bad, I think everyone can learn a lesson from these posts! But more importantly, did you have a rematch yet?
  7. Glad to hear about the chat function! However, I don't frequently visit this forum so I won't be chatting a lot!
  8. Hahaha, remember when this all happened? How's everyone doing now?
  9. So first you describe every single detail that some people perhaps didn't want to know, but now suddenly there's nothing left to be said, but that's good. You're getting over it and so should I so I'm sorry. It just seems that you ladies are still arguing over nothing on this forum. I wasn't trying to achieve anything by asking that. Seeing how you joined the conversation I was just curious about how you experienced it. But I should shut up about the fight altogether. Even though it looks to me that you girls are still opposing each other I hope everything will be fine between the two of you. There's no point in trying to impress people on a forum when you're both being bitter and not apologising. I'm sure most readers will think of it this way. We don't actually care about who was going to win or whatever, and we aren't going to pick sides. All I can say is that there were a bunch of people genuinely worried about that nasty situation and they've given you some great advice. Picking on each other on a forum wasn't exactly part of the advice.
  10. Honestly I can't tell if you ladies have made up, or are still arguing right now... But now that you both admitted that you weren't afraid to confront each other, how would you describe the experience of a foot fight? I don't understand how you were trying to "win" but I'm curious what you were actually trying to do to win.
  11. I understand, Charlotte. At least that clears out a lot of things, and now that you got acquainted with Jessica, I bet these misunderstandings won't happen again
  12. Hi charly4491, welcome to the forum. I'm sad to hear that this topic ruined your mood, but I would like you to know that you are a very brave person for posting this reply. It's not easy to jump into a one sided topic like this to prove some points but having your perspective definitely shines a new light over the whole situation. I do have a question to both of you (jvanhouten and charly4491): if you knew what was going to happen, why didn't either of you talk to each other before actually going in the straddle? It seems like you're both annoyed and embarrassed by the situation while you could've perfectly avoided it altogether. You both wanted to make a point, but you were aware that you had contrary ideas. That doesn't seem like a situation you would voluntarily jump into. I hope you guys make up and don't fight during future yoga classes.
  13. Hahahaha, that's the funniest description for the incident I've read so far! But since the fight ended in a stalemate, it looks like we'll never know who was the true alpha
  14. I'm going to be straightforward about this, this joke sounded pretty confrontational... I don't think the conversation should be going this way.
  15. I'm trying not to make a big deal out of it but it's so exciting! Personally I don't think suggesting this forum in particular was a good idea though... She might feel threatened by this very topic where you described the entire situation from your perspective But fingers crossed! I hope for the best
  16. Don't worry about sharing the details, as yogafire said earlier, sometimes the details give us a better idea about something. Also, have you talked to her during more recent classes? I'm curious about the two of you now ​
  17. As Jasmine said, you guys went quite crazy on each other but I think it's better for both of you to avoid those situations altogether! Let's hope that rematch never happens! (but if it does, make sure you win )
  18. I can be competitive at times too, so I do understand why you fought. At least now if she's sitting next to you again you shouldn't be afraid to talk to her. If you know that you're going to be doing splits or something similar again, you'll just have to ask her to move because judging from both your stubborn attitudes, it's going to be up to the first person to speak. Because if neither of you ask the other to move, it seems to me that you might just end up having a rematch
  19. YogaNewbie, hello! Before I started practising yoga, I did gymnastics for some time. And before going to class I find it helpful to do gymnastics stretches to warm up (even before the yoga warmup). So sometimes I would just browse on youtube and search for more stretching videos from gymnastics, cheerleading and ballet. I found that they are very one-sided and straightforward, so instead of trying to master the poses that require flexibility, I think you shouldn't be afraid to find ways outside of yoga to improve your flexibility. Once you become flexible, you will realise how much strength you actually need to build up for yoga! (at least that's my problem at the moment) The best of luck!
  20. Hi opayk, as Jasmine said, core strength seems to be more important than arm strength. Shoulder strength seems important too! My teacher said that you can either start from a deep squat (arms bent in between the knees) and roll onto your palms to engage the arm balance, or you can start with the arms on the floor and raising the knees and rounding your back at the same time. I don't know if either method will fix the tingling, but it might be better to rest your knees on your tricep muscle to ensure that you're not striking a nerve somewhere. As far as I'm concerned, I think you should be training the shoulders and the core (but I'm struggling with balancing too ) Good luck!
  21. Oh! It's super good to hear that you guys made up! Now that you have interlocked toes and rubbed feet together, you might become sole (soul) mates At least you can become friends (or rivals with some healthy competition ).
  22. It sounds like you put a lot of effort into such a short fight! I can't imagine the horror of interlocking toes for the first time, especially with a random stranger I'm also glad for you that the incident was short, but at least you have a great story to tell now Good luck with future classes and let's hope they're not as awkward!
  23. Haha, sorry Jessica but I didn't mean to doubt your story! The footsies thing was a joke I don't know about the others, but I don't mind if you're being descriptive, it makes it much easier for us to imagine how you both felt during the incident. Something an outsider would not understand! If you had the same shoe size, I can see why it was such a tough fight. I don't quite see how you can fight with your toes though
  24. You could argue that wiggling your toes against a stranger's foot is intimate too, especially if she answers you with a toe wiggle. If I were an unaware spectator, I might even think the both of you were playing footsies But I understand your concern. I noticed once that some flexible people were trying to do the stretch and I know it's not an easy pose so I decided to help them together with my partner. When they got in the position right before the hugging, all we needed to do was push them towards each other. They were flexible enough to go for the hug and they went for it. Their reaction to the initial rendezvous down there was pretty funny I have to admit, but as I expected they focused on the stretch and not the touch. Fun partner exercises that aren't awkward include a partner Tree Pose, an alternating seated forward bend and back bend where you sit back-to-back with your partner, and of course the double chair where you press your backs together and try to get your legs at a 90° angle!
  25. Oh wow, I didn't mean to weird you out by that! I think you might be getting a strange image of the situation because you have a dislike for partner exercises, but don't worry. The last time I did this partner stretch with a flexible person, there was indeed some friction there. Even though it sounds scary, it's really not a big deal because after all you're wearing clothes and you're focusing on the stretch rather than the touch. Though I have to admit you become more aware of the friction if you lean back and pull your partner's arms. But then again, I'm already used to the exercise so that's my opinion And of course there is more to partner yoga than that. There are a lot of things to do with a partner, you should really look it up!