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  1. Hey David! Thanks for the advice, I sure hope you never get into a similar situation as Charlotte and I did. I have definitely improved my temper and tolerance over the last few years since my original post. I've thought about deleting this post, but then I thought about the possibility that somebody else might get into a similar incident. To get back to your reply, I have sought out some calm and quiet spots around me as well, but I've gotten more comfortable with crowded places at the same time. I guess I've grown :-) Maybe you will get more comfortable around crowds too one day! Never give up!
  2. @yogafan0014 hey Yogafan, it's been so long since I've visited this forum, so I was surprised to see your reply! As far as I remember, our soles were indeed pressed together. It's pretty similar to when you place your own feet sole to sole, so you can probably see that it's not that impossible to interlock toes, haha! It wasn't painful at all, but indeed it was awkward, very much so... But you know the rest of the story!
  3. I see! It's unfortunate that some yogis are non-inclusive, even though a mixed fanbase would mean more viewers! Thanks for replying though I'm sure everyone'll be fine on their own too haha
  4. Hey everyone, I'm sure that everyone visits Candace's youtube channel to find yoga routines and health tips and whatnot (and if you don't, then go check it out asap!). I noticed that Candace has never done any collaborations with the other youtube yogis so I was wondering if that could ever be possible? I mean, there are many people out there, you have Adriene, Kassandra, Sarah Beth, Psychetruth, and many more, right! So what do you think about a Youtube Yogi collab, @YogaByCandace? Have you ever thought about doing one? For partner exercises, routines or to discuss the lifestyle differences between the both of you, who knows what else? Don't feel pressured though, I'm just wondering! Thanks for all the great work and good luck!
  5. I know how you feel, I get distracted from yoga an awful lot (and sometimes I simply procrastinate haha) even though I know I'll feel much better doing yoga. I don't think it's that big of a problem, to be honest, I still feel comfortable being lazy so as long as your pause doesn't affect your life in a negative way then I guess it's harmless! I used to practise with @charly4491 all the time, mostly last year though. This year not so much. It's much harder for me to motivate myself than to train with a friend. Stuff like that just happens. About starting again, maybe you'll find some niche groups of people on social media in your vicinity who practise yoga without obligatory classes. And if you really feel like starting up again really quickly then I'd guess you should just go for it haha! Good luck!
  6. @KateZena I googled it for you, and most of the lingerie for guys who are just into wearing women's clothes opens from the back because they're regular bras, but athletes sometimes wear "sports bras" that just stretch around their bodies haha
  7. In a yoga environment, @charly4491 and I have been quite un-yogic with each other; for non-yoga related things I'm pretty lazy, haha
  8. You're right @yogafire, but the sound notifications only work when the chat tab is active, haha! That's why I didn't hear you in the chat when I was browsing other pages
  9. @LarryD517 I see, thanks. Setting up a schedule isn't going to be ideal I think, since we've got people from all over the world also, it would be harder for new members to join in on the chat sessions, but I'm sure it'll work out haha!
  10. A bit of a bump here, but I didn't want to start an entirely new thread so here goes! Could it be possible to make a pop-up appear when somebody enters the chat room? I often log into the forum, seeing that there are like three people online, so I immediately join the chat room to see if anyone's there; however since the number of people in the chatroom doesn't get updated automatically, or people don't necessarily pay attention to it, I hardly ever get to chat It would of course be too annoying to have a pop-up for each person joining or re-joining the chatroom after they idled too long. It may be better to have a pop-up that says if there are any people in the chatroom or not, right as you log in and a pop-up that says when somebody entered the chatroom if you're already logged in
  11. Hi there Malayiiika! It's possible that your achilles tendons are tense, but you should also consider the possibility that your calf muscles may not be flexible enough There are great exercises to stretch your lower legs!
  12. @yogafire viewed the website on a Galaxy Mini (Samsung phone) and it was pretty much the same as your photo
  13. Oh yeah @LarryD517 you're right, it is a lot different on mobile!
  14. Hey everyone! I just noticed that every topic has its own icon/image/animation, and it's really fun to lighten up the atmosphere here. However I think it would be more mobile-friendly if the website only used still images (so no animations or gifs). I can imagine this website being very overwhelming with all the moving things Nonetheless a good way to decorate the website, and I love it!
  15. Hi there! Welcome from Belgium (hoi!)