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  1. It looks like I've moved passed the nerve issue. Not sure if it was weak muscles. The advice to do more navasana is probably the most dreaded because I struggle and usually don't do it. It also confirms that my deep core is my weakness.
  2. I'm currently doing my teacher training through YogaFit and wandered what experiences others have had with their teacher training. I don't have any schools near me that I could have done training through so I picked what I thought would be one of the better alternative ways.
  3. So your legs are outside of your arms? Was this a temporary stage to help build strength?
  4. I often find myself only practicing M-F and not on the weekends. I feel like I spend Mondays undoing the stiffness from the weekend. I was curious what other people's opinions about how often they practice and the progress they feel like they're making.
  5. I have been using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey for as long as I've been using protein powder. Recently I've looked into switching to a vegan or organic powder and am struggling to find something I like. It's not that I dislike the the stuff I've tried I'm just not using to the thickness. Whey is mixable with just a spoon and 6-8 oz of water and it still maintains a water like thickness. I'm currently trying Bodylogix Natural Vegan Protein and it is extremely thick where I am unable to mix it completely without using a shaker filled to the top with water. The same goes for the soy protein I've also tried. Is that going to be consistent with all the vegan and organic options? I don't mind if that is the case. I'm just hoping to get a better "lay of the land."
  6. Along those lines, here is a TED talk from Rives regarding the mystery of 4AM. I heard an abbreviated version on the NPR TED Radio Hour. Many Poets and Writers apparently referenced the 4:00am hour. It is slightly too early for me because I do not have the determination to force myself to go to bed early. Currently I begin practice between 5:30 and 6:00am. https://www.ted.com/talks/rives_on_4_a_m?language=en
  7. That is excellent thank you. Now I need to see if any research has been done regarding limits and average flexibility gained per week/month when training to push your limits.
  8. This may not be beneficial for you but to get out of my own head I do a routine I'm not familiar with. It forces me to focus on my body instead of my thoughts drifting. If doing something repeatedly you're body is used to your brain doesn't have to think about it due to muscle memory. A service like Yogaglo.com might be beneficial with a hectic schedule. This may be completely off from the answers you're seeking and if so, sorry.
  9. I actually have two of Ray Long's books. It is very useful to help better understand anatomy.
  10. Thank you for the responses. My question wasn't really about me personally but the science as a whole. I do not know of any research periodicals that have studies completed.
  11. I reading some stuff recently regarding flexibility and wanted to hear what other people thought. From my knowledge flexibility is trainable similar to traditional strength training regardless of genetic predisposition (easier for some than others based on genetics). I am curious, though, if there have been any studies about various techniques and returns achieved in various time periods. For example you never strength train the same muscle on consecutive days. Are there similar rules for flexibility. Also have there been studies on limits and atrophy?
  12. I read somewhere that having a longer torso and arms make crow pose more difficult. Currently I find the only way I can come close is to stack knees on elbows and it's still not very long. Patience is a virtue currently.
  13. I always assume it was upper body strength for crow. I'll make note to focus more on core work. Thanks for the advice.
  14. I recently started training for inversions and I notice when I'm practicing a handstand my left arm tingles after a few seconds. I can't tell exactly but I think it originates in the shoulder and travels down to the hand. I'm guessing I'm pinching a nerve and wanted to know how to prevent this from happening. I'm practicing facing a wall. Second question is about arm balances. I also do strength training and was wandering if there was specific moves anyone has had success with to increase their strength. Right now I can't hold crow pose for more than 2 seconds before I fall. In strength training sessions I'm currently focusing on push ups and pull ups as well as kettlebell exercises. Thanks for any advice.