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  1. I can't practise yoga at all during my period because my flow get crazy and I get light headed (my doctor told me to not even try again in that time of the month). I stopped a treatment recently and I've been on my period for a month straight because of it. I'm going crazy not being able to practice Yoga at all.
  2. Hi Candace! I discovered your blog very recently and I have to say I love it. So here it is: I'm french, not relevent here except maybe for grammatical errors (sorry about that), and I've had chronic pain since I was 8 years old. At ten I was able to differenciate my stomach, ovaries, uterus, intestines and kidneys just from that pain. I had my menstruation at 13 and then my doctor, a really good one who never told me it was psychological and always searched an answer and a solution for me, had the idea that it might be cysts (I did have some on my ovaries). Then at 16, I had kidney stones (eleven in my right one, four in my left and three in my bladder) so we were distracted from my ovaries and uterus. When the pain continued, we started thinking about endometriosis (which was the right diagnosis). We had to stop my cycle so that my organs could rest. So technically i've lived eleven years of my life in horrible pain. Sometimes so horrible that it induced splitting headaches, vomitting, hyperventilation and light headedness. All the while having to endure people saying things like: "just your menses", "don't be a -----" "stop exagerating" "stop trying to get attention" (because vomitting and blacking out from pain is so much fun). Luckily I have a great family. Last july my dad died ten days before my 22nd birthday and it's been terribly hard to learn to live without him... As a result I've gained 8 kilograms (sorry about the weight mesure). So far my medication is effective and for the first time in my life i live nearly without pain but I did live hunched over for eleven years and emotional pain did replace the physical one. I just started doing yoga to calm my mind and muscle my body but my flexibility is shot to hell. I wanted to know if you had poses to recommend that do not put too much pressure on my reproductive organs and what are the best poses to open my shoulders when I am an absolute beginner. Also, do you have any advice about food since i have absolutely no energy whatsoever. Thank you for reading this, I hope you are feeling okay. Kisses from a french girl and her family.