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  1. If you could go over foot positioning from upward dog to downaWard during sun salutations. Is there a way to do a very brief video with a close up of the feet?

    I have a similar question about foot positioning when transitioning from chaturanga to upward dog to downward dog. I can do all 3 poses on their own, but can never seem to "roll over my toes" or transition in between the poses. Are there any tricks to doing that?

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  2. I have this same problem! I bought the mat a few months ago and have been using it daily and it's not AS slippery as it was initially, but it's still fairly slippery. I am always slipping too, even if it's a more gentle practice and I'm not particularly sweaty. I keep meaning to try the salt scrub, but haven't gotten around to it. I would love to hear if anyone else has done it and if it has worked.

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  3. I've had a few surgeries and had my feet in casts on and off this year, and found that chair yoga videos helped. I also found some more restorative/gentle or beginner yoga videos and would modify those and just skip the poses I couldn't do. It was really frustrating at first, because I wanted to be able to do everything in the videos, but then I realized that doing something was probably better than nothing. I hope the MRI gives you some answers and everything turns out ok!

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  4. I have one and actually use it a lot more than I thought I would! I use it during yin practices mostly but will also use it for chest openers or during savasana in some more of my vinyasa practices. I also use it for meditation.


    I bought the YogaDirect Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster by YogaAccessories on Amazon. It is well priced and firm and supportive.

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  5. I'm a newb, too! What keeps me going is even though I may not be able to do forward folds perfectly, or have my heels on the floor in downward dog, there's always something that feels better than the week before. It might just be in my head but who cares?! I recently started working on my strength and have been able to hold crow pose! I feel so legit now! 

    I feel the same way--it seems that I feel a bit more flexible or able to go deeper in a pose during every practice. It's nice to feel that progress! I'm not sure my heels will ever touch the floor in downward dog though...I never feel progress there! haha

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  6. I began my yoga journey when I was a freshman in high school and my local rec center offered a gentle yoga flow.  At the time, this was the only class in my small town so I've been supplementing my practice with videos online and lurking yoga communities a bit like this one.  Because of the lack of structure (I basically get on the mat whenever I have time) I've had a few commitment issues with my practice and sometimes I take up to week-long breaks.  <_< I'm at the weird beginner stage where I feel like I could progress to more advanced stages if I could keep up on my practice but I'm a full-time student with a stressful job in the healthcare field.



    I think I could really benefit from some advice on how to progress on to the next stage!  Advice on everything from committing to a routine to how to loosen tight hips and get my arms and shoulders up to par to go from crow to crane.  I won't get anywhere without practice though, so, where do other newbies get their motivation to get on the mat?

    I don't really have any advice, but I feel the exact same way! I used to go to classes a few years ago and that helped with motivation because I would have them scheduled, but now I only practice at home and it can be hard to find motivation to practice regularly when life gets in the way.

  7. Right now I am using my Gaiam mat I bought for $10 two years ago and it was a nice beginner mat. I have been looking at the Manduka prolite and the Jade harmony mats, as I think it's time for an upgrade. Does anyone have any experience with either of these or other suggestions? Any help would greatly be appreciated as it's a big purchase!

    I got the Manduka prolite a few months ago and I love it! It was VERY slippery when I first got it though and took a fairly long time for that to go away but it's a great mat otherwise.