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  1. can confirm @jvanhouten haha
  2. Oh yeah, you're so right Jvanhouten, I hate it when they ask that Also that one guy who insisted that we hated each other, hahaha But yeah, the biggest mistake that happened between Jvanhouten and I with the situation was a serious lack of communication. It's important to be social and understanding of your classmates' needs, and it's equally important to tell them about your idea of comfort in a classroom.
  3. Yeah, that anecdote is the worst, haha. Especially because we still keep touch with many classmates who saw us having the whole foot thing. But your friend should most definitely not be afraid of crowded classes, I'm sure there are less crowded classes and, even if it is crowded, you can always be careful about your own positioning.
  4. Funny thing to ask, xJessicax, but we did not have a rematch We get along just fine, during class and outside class too! I guess the whole thing sparked a friendship.
  5. Wow, this happened ages ago! This entire thread is so embarrassing But I'm doing quite well, thanks for asking.
  6. A few months ago there was some drama in this forum between another member and I, it was called 'Crowded classrooms' or something like that. Since then there have still been some space related issues because our studio is pretty tight, but nothing bad. And you're right, a thinner mat has advantages but I prefer having a bigger, thicker mat myself for better grip.
  7. I used to have a domyos mat, in Belgium, but it was too thin. In the case of my classes, sometimes the instructor tells us to align our mats side by side to have as much space available for latecomers or in case the class is really crowded. And for that reason I'm also thinking of buying another mat (even though my mat is long enough, can't avoid bumping into neighbors with that kind of rule). So good luck!
  8. xJessicax, I don't know what you're trying to achieve by asking that, but to me, the foot fight was all about getting Jessica to move away. I was trying to make our touch as awkward as possible so when she started pushing her toes into mine, I decided to push her back. Eventually as Jessica said we were wrestling with our toes and some got interlocked. At that point there I wasnt thinking of backing off, so I kept going and so did Jessica. When we fully interlocked, we clenched our toes until we had to change postures, as Jessica mentioned earlier.
  9. Thanks Jessica, I think this forum is great and I'm glad you told me about it. I made it sound like you were provoking me because "from my point of view" you were. Not that I meant that it was actually the case The readers might be confused but at least now that they know both perspectives they can judge differently about the incident as you call it. It was a very big mess indeed and I'm glad we can talk about it so freely in this forum.
  10. xJessicax, thank you for your reply. Again I cannot disagree with you on the fact that everything was avoidable, but this is shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted. We could argue endlessly about what we could have done, but it won't change anything. To be frank, when our feet touched we both knew that neither would be backing off, and I didn't want to let her get away with this kind of selfish behavior. I didn't expect the fight to escalate to the extent that our toes would interlock, but in the moment it was part of proving my point.
  11. I've been thinking about replying to this topic, but I was very hesitant. Before you wonder who I am, I'm "the other girl" from the incident. My name is Charlotte. I read through the posts and I noticed that this thread was obviously very one-sided. @Jvanhouten, why did you bother suggesting this particular forum to me? Let me tell you my story because some things need to be settled here. If your posts get quoted, it will be because I can answer directly to anything you thought about the incident. Here goes. We were indeed going to do a straddle split, so I was also looking at my neighbors. The person on my right didn't stagger, so I looked at my left (where Jessica was sitting) and I noticed that her neighbor had staggered. I was sitting slightly at the left of my yoga mat to avoid the person next to me, and I figured that Jessica would probably move a bit to the left as well, since her left side was unobstructed. I reached back for my towel, and when I looked at my left I noticed that Jessica hadn't moved at all. So at that point I knew exactly what was going on. She was slightly closer to the right edge of her mat, and I was closer to the left edge of my mat. I decided not to move because she saw me close to her and had the space to move, but she didn't. As we went into the straddle, my left foot slid off my mat, and her right foot slid off her mat. There is no point in arguing about "personal space" because we both knew that there was not enough space between our mats for how we were sitting. My point here is that she had the opportunity to move but she didn't, but obviously the readers didn't know my side of the story. Yes Jasmine, that's right. The person on my right didn't move, and had no reason to. But Jessica on the other hand could move wherever she wanted. It was certainly not unexpected, we were both very aware of what was going to happen. I hope you can see from my point of view that I was not intruding her personal space. I do agree with you that I should have expected less, or that I should've taken action. But in this case I knew what Jessica was up to, and I did not want to let her get away with it. Though I disagree with your animosity about our "fight" (I agree with jvanhouten that you definitlely should not get excited about something annoying). You are right. I was hesitating to reply to this topic, but here I am. I thought it would be appropriate to share my experience. I hope that from my perspective, you can see that I was certainly not the one trying to act 'alpha' although I was standing my ground. So yes, I too think I should have let it go but I chose to be right. I'm sorry for the long post, many quotes and maybe you might not take the time to read through, but here's my story. I'm not here to argue or quarrel with anyone, but there were a lot of things that needed to be cleared out. All feedback is allowed.
  12. Hi all, I am reading this from Antwerpen (Belgium). My name is Charlotte, nice to meet you!