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  1. I'm struggling with this too! I have the flexibility - if someone came up and adjusted my extended top leg, I could certainly move into the fullest expression of the pose. Getting my leg vertical on my own, however, is a different story!
  2. Sweaty Bands! Total lifesaver. Lululemon and the cheaper varieties don't work for me.
  3. I'm heading to a 60 minute hot vinyasa class tonight!
  4. Hi everyone, I think Dancer's Pose is so beautiful, but I have serious issues getting additional height with my extended leg (and flipping my grip). IAny advice, or complementary postures that may help?
  5. I'm in Cincinnati, OH currently. Hi everyone!
  6. Great! Twitter: SupposeAnythingGoes Instagram: lionheartyoga
  7. Yes! If anyone has photos of their yoga room (or yoga space) I'd love to see.
  8. Hi! I'm a vegan, and my boyfriend is a meat eater (paleo, mostly). He's very understanding and supportive, but I can't help but feel that this could be an issue. Is anyone else in this type of mixed-diet relationship, and do you have any advice?
  9. I've been oil pulling (inconsistently) and I love it! It seems to clear up my skin? My tongue scraper is potentially the best thing I've ever purchased, too. Now I'm excited to try homemade toothpaste!
  10. Ditto! I got a simple wrist mala from Dharma Shop and it has been really helpful in quieting my very very busy mind. I also find alternate nostril breathing really helpful.
  11. I've really liked my stuff from Kyodan (TJ Maxx as the source). They have styles pretty similar to lululemon. Anyone know of companies that are really transparent about their ethical/environmental responsibility?
  12. Excited for this! I'd love to see progress in dancer's pose