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  1. I'm really curious what other yogis favorite poses are. I'll go first, my very favorite is pigeon pose! I have always loved it and the the poses that follow like mermaid. I'm enjoying working my way to king pigeon. Dolphin is another favorite! Last but not least tripod because it's fun and a big goal of mine is to achieve a solid headstand, tripod and dolphin are getting me there! So what are some of your favorite poses?
  2. Do a search for Metta prayers. I fell in loving with meditating after reading Lovingkindness. There are a lot of mantras and prayers suggestions in that book. I also got myself some mala prayer beads to use and I love them!!
  3. I'm gonna start using it in my hair and on my skin. I have only used it in food and for oiling pulling.Thanks for the tips!
  4. I could not agree more!! I too have been working on supported headstand and have been getting really excited as I get closer to getting my legs up and straight. I am nowhere close to mastering it but my excitment keeps me driven!
  5. Yay!!! I can finally breath!! Today I did a 15 min set of Sun Salutation, 15 mins of working on my head stand and 30 mins of restorative! It felt AWESOME!!
  6. No, I have not tried either one of those. I will look them and check em! Thanks for the suggestions! I agree about the stress! I know that's part of my problem as well. Not sure how to fix that. Lol
  7. Great topic!!! I've got a cold so breathing is not coming easy for me. I did yogabycandace's 30 min restorative. It was perfect!
  8. Thanks for sharing these practices. I too enjoy meditation in savasana.
  9. Do you just dab the pimple with the tea tree oil? Do you let it dry or wash it off? I have tried all sorts of things to use on my acne and they either don't work or way to harsh. I am looking for something natural that works.
  10. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! I have serious acne issues!!
  11. I too made a commitment to myslef to practice everyday. I started by focusing on building the habit of making a little time (15-20 mins/day) every day to practicing. My goal now is an hour/day which includes meditation but if I can only squeeze in 30 min, I don't beat myself up for it. I am grateful that I accomplished making time for myself, however small it is. There are times that I have to convince myself to not be lazy but I never regret it. Who does? LOL I don't have the money for classes. 3 kids to suppport there is not enough room in the budget for it. But there are a lot of tools and insirpation out there to help you practice at home. The yogabycandace videos have been my lifesaver! I will have to check out that yoga tracker app for sure! I've always wanted to track my progress in some way. When I really dedicated myself to yoga it wasn't about making progress really it was more about finding a release from my depression and stress.
  12. I, myself, have never been in a long distance relationship. But I do have very close friends who are and they Skype constantly, making sure to include each other in their daily activates! I agree with notlulamae that your bond is stronger now and thats why this time is so much more difficult. Stay connected and stay true to each other. love knows no bounds
  13. Yeah I get jabs from co workers as well sometimes because I will do breathing excersies after a tough call or stressful meeting and I do chair yoga in my cubicle. I just jab back at their unwillingness to try. hehehe ! I like the "rinse off the day" idea! I will have to try that. It makes total sense.
  14. I completely agree! There are so many to choose from and there are some poses that I have a love/hate relationship with.
  15. I've been oil pulling with coconut oil for going on two months now. I love it! I've never tried the homemade tooth paste. Will have to give it a try for sure!!
  16. I'm right there with you! If I'm feeling up to it I do some restorative yoga. My body tells me what I need and I do my best to listen to it.
  17. I'm really loving all the responses on here! Its given me great insipration to build on the poses that are others' favorites!! I just recently found a great love for Camel!
  18. Congrats yogagrammy!!! I agree that this forum is amazing!!!
  19. It is time consuming and there are nights that I have to convince myself that it's a necessity but it is so worth it. I went a long time putting it off and allowing all that stress and negativity effect my entire life. Never again!!
  20. Thanks! Yeah, it's very important to me that I leave it at the door. It wouldn't be fair to anyone if I didn't find a way to relieve the stress. My favorite mantra during meditation is "Let go of everything that is not serving you". It helps me separate what are truly my feelings from what others pushed onto me all day and then let it go of whatever does not serve me in a positive way. The first yoga teacher I had emphasized letting go at the beginning of the class and at the end she would tell us to feel the open spaces letting all that go gave us and to then fill that open space with love and gratitude. It's a perfect way to begin and end my yoga practice.
  21. I'm not to good at dancer pose yet either but I too love how it feels. I see it becoming a fav once I can get it perfected.
  22. that's another reason I love tripod so much cause of being upside! I'm working my way to headstand, handstands and forearm stands. My upper body strength isn't there yet. I'm also focusing on crow. But I can't seem to get it right lol
  23. What was the mix ratio you used?
  24. OMG! My boyfriend is the same way! Haha! He does his yoga secretly with an app. He had back surgery about 5 years ago and use to have serious mobility issues. One day I came home unexpectedly and caught him doing yoga guided by his phone. Lol. However he's gotta do it. His mobility now is crazy compared to how limited he was before.
  25. I see the icons but none are for attaching a pic. Could it be because I'm using a mobile device? It's really no big deal. I shared it more because I love this forum anyways!