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  1. Thanks guys, you all sound way more organized than I am, it's inspiring I just started doing something called Bullet Journaling. It's pretty interesting, it seems flexible/adjustable enough that I might be able to stick with it.
  2. Retailmenot is a pretty cool app for coupons. You just type in the store and if there are any coupons it pops them up. (My only caveat would be that if you shop somewhere a lot, check to see if they have an app with coupons. I work in retail and nine times out of ten the store's app has better coupons than are currently on Retailmenot, but overall it's pretty awesome.) Songza is my favorite music app. It's like a little music butler SAM is kind of a cool app that I haven't truly gotten started using yet. It's for social anxiety (social anxiety management, maybe?) & it has some little activities to do if you're having an anxiety attack and has ways to monitor the patterns of your anxiety. There might be more to it, but I haven't gone far enough yet to really see. There's a little breathing wheel activity I have used a couple times.
  3. I'm trying to get my life organized and I was interested to see if anyone had a really good system they liked. I currently have two jobs and go to school part-time, so homework and yoga are about the only other things I do, but I'm also joining a gym to stop by after work. I keep my work schedule in my phone calendar and also keep a physical calendar with my school schedule in it, but I haven't yet successfully found a way to schedule the "soft" items like yoga, homework, studying, laundry, etc. This week I'm trying just writing it all out and trying to stick to it, but I'm not sure I will. Anyone super organized/have a system that works for you?
  4. This is a great topic, I would love to hear if any of you have kept trying since you posted. I have started the 30 day meditation thing by doyouyoga on YouTube & I'm totally loving it, but I feel like I will have a really hard time moving to a self-guided practice. I've been eyeing this wrist mala we sell at my work for a few weeks, I'll have to try that.
  5. Why did you start doing yoga and how? Errr, it's kind of a funny story Honestly, pffff if I know why I started. One day I gathered up the spare cash I had on hand, drove to Walmart and bought the only yoga mat in my budget (of $8, clearly I was investing a lot,) brought it home, googled yoga videos, and the rest is history. I think it came down to the fact that I was tired of feeling like a bump on a log but I hate exercising, so I guess I just was like, "all right. Yoga." How have you changed since practicing yoga for the first time? Well, I don't look as much like a weird crouching bug in downdog? Lol but really, I think one of the biggest things I have learned from yoga is that you have control over how you feel, through giving up that control. The practice of yoga for me is mostly about letting go of how tightly I clench everything all day & miraculously at the end, I feel the way I was trying to feel the whole time I was holding on so tight. (Also I've started meditating, which is something I would have scoffed at trying before yoga.)
  6. I've been 100% sure I wanted a Manduka Black Mat PRO for forever, now I keep finding all these super cool other options!! I've had a tab open to the Yoloha mat for like a week and I drool every time I see it. If I lived somewhere where paddleboard yoga was an option I would totally get one. Ah, someday.
  7. I'm late to this party, but not even going to lie: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Category.aspx?br=f21&category=activewear_bottoms-leggings This is where I get most of my yoga pants At most, they're $25, on sale they might be like $10. My absolute favorite pair of leggings is one of their "performance" leggings. They're silky soft, incredibly stretchy, and while the prints are more "athletic" than zen, it's pretty flattering. It's hard to tell which is which online, but I believe their "yoga" leggings are significantly more cotton-y, which I don't like quite as well. One of these days I will start investing in quality workmanship/fair trade/cruelty-free/sunshine and roses/freaking $90 yoga leggings, but until then... *checks out the new prints I haven't seen yet*
  8. It's a bit of a long roundabout journey, but originally I got a degree in Criminal Justice, partially because I'm fascinated by crime (heh) and partially because I wanted to have a "rewarding" career. I loved studying crime but eventually realized that as far as the career options go, you're on a hamster wheel; you are always cleaning up afterward with no ability to improve things before they get that bad. I have endless respect for those who do it, but I did not want to go down that career track and get stuck there. So after some time off and a lot of thinking, I decided that working inside the system was not for me. Healing for individuals and society comes from the ground up. It's very cheesy (and makes me sound a lot more hippieish than I actually am,) but I think that the way people treat each other is in some way predicted by how they treat animals and how they treat the planet. If we can improve people's relationship with their environment, I think it creates a setting for improvement in other areas. All of that envirobabble, combined with the fact that I've always liked biology, led to an environmental science-related focus. Plus, I really like that it will hopefully make me useful no matter where I am, instead of being specialized to one legal system etc. That sounds amazing! I have seen so many great internships and opportunities internationally for that kind of work. Have you considered doing a Masters International Peace Corps program? I've been looking at them & I'm pretty sure there were quite a few economic development ones. Not quite feasible if you have a family, though.
  9. Hello!! I was just wondering if anyone else was taking classes or working on a degree. Mostly I just wanted to commiserate I love school, ...until the days that I don't, lol. If you are, what degree are you pursuing? What are you hoping for in your career? Do you like it? I am working on prerequisites to apply for a program in Conservation Biology or possibly Ecology. I want to work with damaged ecosystems or communities that do not have sustainable food production. I enjoy biology, but unfortunately most of my prereq's are core math and science classes, which are difficult to schedule (Who can accommodate these crazy lectures plus labs? ). And also kind of just difficult sometimes But I secretly enjoy it most days.
  10. Half-pigeon & extended side angle
  11. Also (this might be common knowledge, not sure) cooking spray on the seal of your car door keeps it from freezing shut. When traveling, you can use an empty Chapstick container to hold some extra cash or an empty deodorant container for cash & an emergency credit card, etc. Fairly pickpocket-proof
  12. Given the diversity of member location on this forum, I thought it would be really cool to hear what is people's favorite city they have visited/lived in. Or more than one. And why.
  13. It's BBC. I was worried I would hate it because it's in modern times & I'm an old-school fan, have read all of the books & stories, but I loooove it.
  14. Ugh man. Flexibility is not my middle name dancers pose, let's be friends.
  15. I'm such a sucker for these kinds of discussions; I love them. I do think it's really important to be aware & careful to not assume you understand yoga cultures and traditions because you've read a few books or gone to some classes. However, most (if not all, at this point,) cultures in existence today come from a blending of other cultures. If we never tried to understand & adopt other values we would all stagnate. I think the important part is to realize that it's part of our journey & we will never "arrive" at understanding. Even of our own culture, but especially another culture. I am reading Yoga Mala right now & it has really shown me how important it is to find what is beneficial for you & roll with it. To be perfectly candid, the reason it is showing me this is because half the stuff in there sounds completely insane to me. But there's no reason I can't respect a difference of tradition & opinion and gain something from the rest of it. I tend to lean toward the perspective that as long as your adoption of a cultural symbol is respectful, and you're using it for basically its original purpose, it's good to learn from other cultures. However, what would I know. "This is America, where we unapologetically bastardized other countries' cultures, in a gross quest for moral and military supremacy!" (Just a touch of Gilmore Girls humor for the thread )