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    I'm a Translator/Interpreter/Project Coordinator professionally. Southern Baptist but extremely BROAD-MINDED♥
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  1. Kinda realized I'm the only person who can use cameras online yet I gotta do the pose. No way I can do this unless I've got photography tools. Can't make it with photos/Vid. Darn. BTW: My goal pose was going to be Upavistha Konasana from crossing the ankle out in front, putting the back of both feet like Butterfly pose in front of my chest. Upavistha gets a bit less balanced by the time I make it. But I can somehow make it. Shame I can't photograph my pose. :-[
  2. Oh, thank you :-) He's a really sweet & rather overtly spoilt kitty :-D
  3. I'm in, too❢ I don't know if I can go too further with my neck & all (I do Yoga with 20~30 min. 5 times a week just for my health), but I found a couple of poses even I could make, so I shall try … Gulp.
  4. Thanks, Candace❣ I think Stretching & elongating own body can be a great way to rehabilitate my type of symptoms but when trying to elongate, I often get to notice my bones're too hardened to even extend the bad arm, for instance. Nonetheless I'm blessed to have sensations in my arms & shoulders. Both of my left & right C-3 thronugh 6 got fused to cause nerve pains on my arms (esp. right) and left elbow's tennis elbow & left shoulder once got frozen. Ouch.
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  9. From the album Kitty❣

    Japanese Domestic B/W, male, VERY spoilt❣
  10. Orthopedic problems do occur esp. while we're working out. When I'm doing Downdog my shoulders feel fine but when I'm doing Reverse Triangle raised arm and the shoulder get numb. Can't do Camel with my Cervical Spondylosis on my neck & my hardened shoulders to reach far back. I modify poses as a result :-( Do you have chronic/long-term health problem that hinders your daily exercise? Do you all have such occasions to modify the poses? If so, what's the problems; how do you modify; and most importantly, how do you encourage yourself when your problems persist?
  11. HELLO❣ My name's Kyoko. Am a Japanese back home in eastern areas of Tokyo JAPAN. Spent 12 years in NC & have had been back in Tokyo, caring for Mom at 82YO. I myself am having Spondylosis since '08, Tennis Elbows around '09, & Frozen Shoulders since November last year. But because of my Pirates & Yoga lessons, my poor Neck & Shoulders are doing well. Heaviest pains ONLY continued just four months & I'm over with pains since May this year. I'm doing BETTER when I do Stretching, so I'm a Stretching Enthusiast❣ LOVE your workouts, Candace❣ Very nice to meet you online, y'all❢❢❢