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YBC Workshop - NJ - August 27, 2016

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Up on the blog today... 

New Jersey Core of the Matter Yoga Workshop


The YBC crew is headed to Short Hills, New Jersey to lead a yoga workshop and you're invited! 

The Workshop

This Core of the Matter workshop will focus on core strength and stability. A solid core is excellent for improving posture, developing your yoga practice, and is imperative for arm balances. Prepare to be lovingly pushed as we explore various ways to build deep core strength. We'll bring awareness to our core as we move through a playful vinyasa yoga sequence and then practice a few arm balances before finishing up with a gentle stretch and guided mediation.

The workshop will be at my local fitness center in Short Hills, NJ (30 minute train ride from Manhattan). 

If the opportunity to meet @YogaByCandace isn't enough for you...I'll be there!!

I'll be available after the class for photographs and to sign autographs

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Ah, come on Larry you have to tell us more than that. Some of us will never have the chance to go to one of these and want to know what it was like.

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3 hours ago, Anahata said:

Ah, come on Larry you have to tell us more than that. Some of us will never have the chance to go to one of these and want to know what it was like.

I've been planning on writing something up, but that could take a while, so I wanted to post my immediate reaction.

The workshop had 21(?) people, which was perfect considering the room. Some people traveled a great distance (Southern, NJ; Philadelphia and NY City) up to 90 minutes, or longer. Me, it was a 90 second drive (LOL!). 

I got there a half hour early and was excited that @YogaByCandace was only person in the room. It was a thrill to finally meet her (it was like seeing a movie star...I prayed that I didn't say anything stupid...but probably did,,,who can remember what you say when your brain freezes...LOL). She was warming up, so I didn't want to bother her, but it was surreal to be there side by side exercising. Feeling insecure, I did 'legs up the wall' (hoping I didn't look like an amateur :))

Many of the attendees showed up early so there was plenty of friendly chatter (and it seemed I wasn't the only one who was star struck!). She asked us to introduce ourselves and tell where we were from.

The workshop started slowly. Having taken over a hundred classes (I still consider myself a newbie), I was used to hearing direction, but it seemed that I was hearing new tips, ones that hit the spot perfectly. We did about ten minutes of warm-ups.

Candace warned us when we were about to start the Core exercises, telling us "it's not going to feel great" (or something along those lines). We did a few core exercises that were great... I never did "Hollow Rocks" 


But it wasn't too bad...and I could see how helpful this exercise can be.

I tried so hard to remember everything, but of course, failed miserably...LOL.

We did a few Vinyasa flows

She was very attentive to the large crowd, moving around constantly, providing encouragement, advice, etc. While most seemed to be advanced practitioners (or at least, more advanced than I am), she made sure to provide guidance whenever it was needed. This is something I really appreciate.

The next part was the best (for everyone, but not for me...LOL)...headstands (uggh). I'm not quite there yet, but most of the class was. Candace performed for us, which was very impressive. She emphasized not to 'kick up' but rather to slowly raise the legs, using core strength. She took up to ten seconds raising one leg, then the other ...pure beauty and perfection (and I felt my core muscles yelling at me...they said "No way, Jose!").

Since I'm not there yet, I took her (brilliant) advice to just focus on the foundation, the building blocks of the pose. When I was inverted, I felt her hands start to assist which, I politely thanked her, but said that I wasn't quite ready for it, just yet.

I've been working on Crow Pose lately, so while everyone (or most of the class) was performing the inversions, I practiced. Candace came over and gave me a few tips (...and on Sunday, I was airborne for ten seconds...a new record for me!).

She taught Side Crow, Baby Grasshopper, Grasshopper and another (I forgot the name)...performing it beautifully for us (I wanted to clap, but thought it inappropriate)

She had fun with Baby Grasshopper,  an easy pose that looks sooooo difficult. I learned the pose from watching this incredibly helpful video. I mentioned that and a few other classmates acknowledged that they had, too!

Then came the icing on the cake...she lead us through a wonderfully relaxing meditation...and then she talked us through Yoga Nidra (basically a near sleep state ...I think the young lady next to me nodded off!). It was incredibly relaxing. After walking us through the parts of the body to focus on, she asked us to breath slowly, counting down from 27...telling us that if we lose count, to start over. After it ended, I asked if ANYONE managed to count down (few did...I don't think I got past 20) was one could count.

We all loudly clapped at the end of the class.

The class was outstanding, it appeared to me that everyone benefited, tremendously.

After class there was photo/selfie time with most of us lining up to spend a few minutes with our favorite celebrity!

I packed up very slowly so that I could spend a few minutes chatting with her (full disclosure, I helped set the workshop up, introducing Candace to my gym's manager). We talked about the experience and I begged her to consider a repeat performance.

I felt sad saying goodbye to her (I did manage to sneak in a kiss...on the cheek :( ).

I met a few of the attendees in the parking lot...we all agreed that it was an amazing experience...and all wished for another class.

I feel so fortunate that I live relatively close (two hours) from her home base. I hope others will be able to attend a workshop or retreat...a perfect day!

To any or all...if you ever get the opportunity to attend a class...take advantage of it!


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It was so much fun! I had a great time and would love to do it again! Thanks for the detailed run down, it's nice to hear from someone else's perspective. Thanks so much for helping to set it up, Larry! 

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On 8/29/2016 at 6:15 AM, Anahata said:

...Some of us will never have the chance to go to one of these and want to know what it was like.

Periodically check Candace's Blog under the popup for Yoga Retreats and Events


to see if there are any events planned in a location that might be convenient for you (if I might ask...where are you located?)

Please see this post for another way to stay on top of prospective events.


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