What does the 3 banhdas feel like to men?

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Posted in the main forum but the topic was moderated.

I'm more interested in mula bandha. This is a serious question as I'd like to incorporate it into my practice when it comes to certain arm balances and backbends.

I've been told it's not a pelvic tilt aka squeezing the transverse abdominis.  


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Hi! Sorry this was moderated - we weren't totally sure it was a serious question because we get some strange ones every now and then but happy to discuss! I can't say for sure what it feels like for men, but essentially you want to feel the sensation of a "lift" through the perineum. It's a very subtle sensation - you don't want to clench or put too much effort into it - I hope that's helpful, and hopefully someone else can chime in and help explain. 

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