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"I'd love to but don't have the time..."

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I posted this last year on my Facebook wall...and will post it again each year



For anyone that says "I would love to ____ (fill in the blank) but I just don't have the time"...

...well now you do!  

November 1 [[this was copied from last year]], daylight savings time ends. When everyone adjusts the clocks...change all your clocks...BUT set your alarm clock ONE HOUR EARLIER. 

If you're used to waking up at six, starting tomorrow you will wake up at five. It won't be difficult as your body is already used to waking up at that adjustment is needed. 

Now you have ONE FREE what YOU want to do. 

Jump on the treadmill, do yoga, bake a cake, read a book or whatever YOU want (just don't waste it "catching up on Facebook or Instagram")

This is a free hour, it doesn't have no obligations, everyone else is on a different schedule. 

Spend YOUR hour doing something that benefits you...and only you. 

Then, after the free hour is up, start your day as normal and join the rest of society and fulfill your obligations.

Think about it...the rest of the day is set by obligations to now have an extra hour in your day to do something ...for YOU!

Enjoy it!



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