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Lotus requires very open and flexible hips. Since I started (two years ago) extremely inflexible and can now do Lotus, I'll tell you what I did to prepare.

When I was laying in bed I would put my legs in FireLog/Double Pigeon for five to ten minutes per side. I would prop the knee with pillows at first, but over time, the knees gradually melted down. I also did a lot of Pigeon and Ankle to Knee.

You could also prep by doing Half Lotus.

After doing these for months, I tried Lotus and was able to do it. Don't be overly aggressive attempting this pose, you could hurt yourself if you're not ready. Ignore this goal for a few months and pay attention to the others. After a while, try it and see. There'a nothing wrong with meditating in Easy Pose. Meditation is all about being comfortable (not looking like the cover of Yoga Journal...LOL)

If you're new to yoga, spend your energy on the beginner poses. It can take a year or two to master some of them. Lotus isn't necessarily a beginner pose

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