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I just bought a deck of yoga cards and love trying new sequences on pinterest but I would love to know, when you are following a sequence and there is only one side of a pose, say triangle pose on the left side, but it doesn't tell you to do the right side, do you do it right after? Or do you do the whole sequence again with the right side? Also when it says repeat each movement 4 times, is that just do the whole sequence 4 times?

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Generally speaking, you want to balance all poses. There's no right nor wrong. Sometimes you will go from a pose on one the other. Other times, you will do a sequence on one side, then repeat. Certain poses lend themselves to being performed in a sequence, others are more 'stand alone'. Do what you enjoy and what makes sense for your practice. 

As to the 'four times', again, there's no right nor wrong, but I guess it depends on the sequence. For example, many routines will have 4 (or more) sun salutations performed 'in a row'.

Check out @YogaByCandace's YouTube page She has a gazillion routines there.

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