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Hi! I'm Dana. I've been doing yoga off and on since high school, but recently decided to commit to a daily practice as I find that yoga is my favorite form of exercise, but also because I'm finding that yoga makes me feel amazing and that I am challenging myself! I've been going through some minor health issues, but discovering YBC on YouTube and reading in Namaslay about Candace's health battles really helped me know that I will be able to find healthy solutions for myself if I keep pushing.

Also, in about a month I will be leaving Atlanta, GA (where I live and go to college) to do a semester exchange in Wellington, New Zealand! I'm slightly terrified as I've never left the US but I am also incredibly excited for this opportunity! I will definitely be bringing my yoga practice along with me and hope to grow more while I'm there.

It's also now one of my goals to attend a YBC yoga retreat one day, so I hope I get to see one of you guys there!

Have a great day!!

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Hi Dana, and welcome! (Love your hair, by the way!) How amazing you'll be doing an exchange program in NZ! It'll be incredible, I'm sure, and you'll likely find that the world is a small town. <3 

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