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Hello everyone!

I know this is rather the part of the forum where yoga teachers can talk to other yoga teachers but I figured this would also be the best place to ask a question concerning your job. 

I'm into Yoga for more than a year now and I start to notice that there is a voice in my head telling me that I would love to not only do Yoga but maybe even to teach it. I am still quite young, to be precise I will graduate this year and I'm in application process to go to university. I want to study "International Business and Languages" and I'm sure it will be something that will suit me because I am obsessed with languages and cultures and also the business part seems interesting to me. So as you might guess, until a few weeks I was totally happy with my choice but since I'm thinking more and more about becoming a yoga teacher, I am afraid to make the wrong choice. 

Since I am still going to school, it is not like I can do a yoga teacher training in my freetime and see if it will work and if it will, then I will quit my job. It is actually the opportunity to do it right from the beginning that scares me.

I live in a small town where Yoga still is regarded with a lot of prejudices, which is probably why I feel so insecure myself. Please tell me about a job that is not as traditional as others, at least not in my surroundings. My hopes are that becoming a Yoga teacher could fulfil me in a way than working in a big business company could never do. 

I know this question is really personal and obviously you cannot tell me what will be the right choice for me but at the moment I can't tell either. So I would love to read any experiences you have made with this job. Tell me your story of becoming a yoga teacher. Just some examples and inspiration would help...I hope. :)

Thanks in advance!


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I identity with it. I was a student in communications, practicing yoga for two years. More as I was practicing, more I was into yoga, more I wanted to TEACH yoga. I have finished my diploma at university and in the same time I did my teacher training (week at university, week end at yoga studio). I got my both diplomas and now I am yoga teacher. I won't lie you, for some of us (me :) )it's very hard. The business is hard and at the beginning you have not a lot of money. But I followed my heart and I don't regret it.

My one and only advice is to FOLLOW YOUR HEART. If you heart says you must do your studies and yoga is just something you love, go to university. If you heart says you want to be a yoga teacher, go for a teacher training. Your heart has all of the answers. Listen to it.

PS : why not doing both ? Teacher training and university. You will be in a rush but it's worth it.

Send you love ❤️ 


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