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Hello all!

I've recently started getting into my yoga practice and I've begun my focus with just unwinding my body. I work in an office, sitting at a desk, and it wreaks the usual havoc on my body. I've started my practice really honing in on how tight my hips are. I've become more aware of them and now I notice that after a long day my hips are absolutely aching until I get some good stretches in there like fire log and pigeon. I do have a standing desk at work that I try to use for a couple hours each day, it just gets hard and I can't stand as much as I would like because I have heel spurs (talk about a mess at 26, I feel like my body is falling apart already).  I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions - I know some people do the whole exercise ball for a chair deal but I didn't know if that would even help with what I'm experiencing. I would love to take some time to do good stretches for my hip flexors throughout the day, but let's be real, business casual is not meant for moving like that :P


If anyone has chair recommendations in general I am open to that also because I do a fair amount of sitting (working at home and sewing in my spare time) and this chair I'm on right now does not do me any good either!




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  1. Start seated near the edge of your chair, pelvis slightly tilting forward.
  2. Place both feet evenly on ground.
  3. Place your right ankle on top of your left leg just above the knee.
  4. Lengthen (straighten) your spine
  5. Lean forward, folding the torso over the legs.
  6. Go as far as you feel comfortable...don't force it
  7. Repeat with the other leg.



Also please see or other of @YogaByCandace's content by searching here

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I sit at my desk at home a lot and have really bad hips and I use an exercise ball that's a tiny bit lower than my desk (it's slightly annoying. I should get a bigger one) when my hips or low back really get gnarly.  I keep the exercise ball tucked under my desk so I switch between a chair and exercise ball. Also, don't be afraid (if you wear pants at work) to sit cross-legged or fire-log on your chair. I do it all of the time!

I'm very pro-exercise ball. I love mine. I bounce on mine and type at the same time. Or roll my hips out. Work on my seat for horseback riding. I also use it to roll out my back....I really love my ball.

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Have you tried maybe biking to work? I found that physical activity before and after my desk job helps things not get cramped up and sore as you described.

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