Pain at top of foot any sitting poses

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Hello all.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could share their expertise in solving a problem I have. I really struggle with sitting poses which I understand is common, being a man. However, the pain comes from the top of my foot, just after the ankle meets the foot. I have researched foot anatomy and I think it is called the inferior extensor retinaculum

I would like to loosen my hips/pelvis and be able to be comfortable in sitting down poses ( sitting crossed legs, child's pose, any poses which involves being at ground level ) but this pain in my foot prevents me from practicing for any longer than a minute!
I feel it is preventing me from advancing in classes, as I am fairly competent at standing, bending and twisting poses but any asanas that involve sitting, I point blank cannot do!


Thanks! :meditation-yogi: Michael

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Are you referring to this foot position (pointing)?


Is it only when you are putting pressure on it, or when ever you point your toes?

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Hi LarryD517,

Thank you for replying. It is more so when I cross my legs. It is slightly uncomfortable when I do the asana that you attached but more so on my knees and I can't touch my heel with my bum. The top of my feet ache when I sit crossed legged and it feels very uncomfortable. I have tried using blankets/matts/blocks too.


Thanks again.

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