Yoga therapy after addiction treatment

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Hey, I am a thirty year old from Canada. I was a drug addict and I had to undergo a drug addiction treatment in order to remove my addiction.
Now, I am living with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is working in an IT company. He is a loving person and cares for me. I have to sit alone at home when he goes to work.
My mind will get disturbed and I have the tendency of using drugs again. When I talked to my boyfriend about this, he asked me to go for Yoga classes. I have heard that Yoga is very effective in refreshing mind and body. I have read in a blog that these yoga classes are beneficial to so many people in recovery.
Is there anybody over here who has practiced yoga after an addiction treatment? Please share your experiences. Thanks in advance.

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This answer is very individualized. For some former addicts, yoga is a great answer. For others, it's too passive or isolating.

Now, I want to get one thing clear, substance abuse or dependence is a mental illness of sorts. It is listed in the DSM, so that means you will never fully "remove" it. Rather, it's a journey of sobriety or, in my case, a journey of seeing food as something not to take my emotions out on (thus, an enemy), but as nourishment and a friend.

What I can suggest is look at things you are passionate about and find something that gets you out and about with that in mind. Something that provides positive experiences with positive people. For me, I started out doing therapeutic horse lessons because I needed the help putting myself together; I had lost my grandmother and my favorite great-aunt and it tore me apart. It was part of a larger whole that caused me to develop disordered eating, which I still am trying to harness (I had a recent setback), but the horses became a refuge for me. I was surrounded by animals larger than me who provided endless comfort and by positive people who weren't afraid to teach me when I started to ask how to put the horse I used away, how to brush him, etc. That's how I moved slowly to volunteering. I found very patient, very positive people with patient animals.

If you aren't in some form of therapy, I also suggest that. Having someone to talk to that won't judge you will help you too. They can help you further and help you identify passions. I wouldn't have thought of volunteering at my NFP if my psychologist hadn't suggested it.

I do yoga, but it's not my main form of distraction. I journal, crochet, paint (or attempt to), ride horses, go on walks with my dog if it's nice, take photos...I really like distraction that allows me to also find artistry. That's where my passions lie, in artistry. Find yours.

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