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Hey from Florida!

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I am a brand new yoga teacher (finishing my 200 hours this month-- yay!) wanting to connect with other yogis and teachers around the world.  I am looking for inspiration and a renewed sense of joy about the practice!  Training has somehow depleted me of that, hopefully temporarily ;)

Candace's philosophy resonates with me deeply, especially regarding authenticity, showing up for oneself, and being always willing to grow (I loved your "confessions" post about wearing what you want to wear!)  I came to yoga as a student in my 30s as a way to manage stress and I found a deeper, stronger version of myself that I had no idea existed.  I'm so grateful to yoga for that.  Now, as I embark on the teaching journey, I find myself unsure of how to express what I've learned (ie. what kind of a teacher will I be?) and I am struggling  with feelings of inadequacy, as I have only a few years of yoga practice under my belt.  I am in the process of making a career change... so there's that, too.

Other than that, I'm a married mom of three amazing kids, two pets,  and I adore exploring the world God made, including the limits of my body and mind.  Namaste!

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