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Namaslay® Strength Building Yoga Workshop - NY- Sept 26

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This transformational workshop is suitable for all levels and takes four parts:

Act 1: The Warm Up and Intention. We'll begin by clearing our minds of all the nonsense and chatter that's going on. All the distractions, all the self-doubts. All the insecurities. We'll set them aside to make space for an inspiring and motivating intention that will power you through the workshop. Then, we'll move through a gentle warm up.

Act 2: The discomfort. In order to build strength, we'll do things we don't normally do. We'll do a push up party. A squat party. A plank party. All of these are the #worstpartiesever, but we'll get through them with our intentions, and yogic spirits. We'll bring special attention to the core, which will help set the foundation for the next part of the workshop.

Act 3: The implementation. We'll begin our creatively sequenced yoga flow with sun salutes and then implement some funk into the mix. We'll work with arm balances like crow pose, headstand and handstand, and some funky hip opening postures like baby grasshopper and more. You will be lovingly encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone as we explore new poses and movements, and you will leave feeling empowered and inspired by your inherent strengths and determination.

Act 4: The sweet stuff. We'll end with deep stretching and a guided yoga nidra meditation. Yoga nidra is a deep meditation where you float between this space of being not fully awake, but not fully asleep. It's excellent for stress and pain management, and they say that just fifteen minutes of yoga nidra is the equivalent to four hours of sleep, so you can expect to "awaken" from the meditation and feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and centered.
PRICE | $60

Sept. 16, 2017 1:30-4:00

Sign up information here

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