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Workshop abroad

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Hi everyone !

As I have written in my title I would like to organise workshops abroad but I have noooo idea where to begin. I know Candace has written an article on the blog about how to organise a workshop and it really helped me to organise my FIRST workshop (what a big moment when this is the first one haha). But she doesn't talk about how to organise abroad, and if she wrote an article about it please let me know because I haven't seen it :).

Now I keep organising different workshops in the places I teach my classes. And it's fine. But I was thinking to organise a workshop in Verona, maybe London and Lisboa. I have a lot of ideas but I don't know how to make it. This is so hard to find students for the workshops so how do you do for the advertising and everything when the workshop is not close to you...

Is the studio do the advertising for you ? Is it really possible to organise a workshop abroad if you are not a famous teacher ? I also wonder if it worth it because when you travel you have to pay the flight and the hotel and the rent of the studio and a workshop can't make it profitable isn't it ? I have so many questions I'm confused...

Can someone help me please ? :blink:

Thank you. Namaste xx Kris

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