Trouble with Nasal Breathing during Yoga due to Deviated Septum

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Hello, I've been getting more involved with my yoga practice over the past year or so. I've always tended to breathe through my mouth due to a mild deviated septum making nasal breathing more challenging. My yoga teacher indicated that in order to achieve the full benefits from your yoga practice, breathing fully through your nose is preferable. Surgery is not something I want to pursue right now, but I really want to be able to focus on breathing in the proper way during class, but it can be frustrating because I feel like I'm not "doing it right..."

I know that a deviated septum is an anatomical issue, but was wondering if there are any non-surgical options for alleviating the symptoms to make nasal breathing during yoga easier in order to fully access the benefits of the practice? Does anyone else have this problem too?

Thank you for any suggestions!


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There's no right or wrong in yoga. Yoga is your personal journey, where you understand get to know and work with your body. I will never be able to clasp my hands behind my back (cow faced pose)...I guess my shoulders aren't constructed the same way as others, so would your instructor say I'm not doing it right or not getting the full experience? If you breath through your mouth, that's okay, trust me, I breath through my nose, but when I need to breath through my mouth, nothing changes  

My advice, find a new instructor (and fast), one who understands how to get you to work with your limitations. There are many instructors out there...this one isn't the best for you

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