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When a dream job becomes a nightmare...

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Hi everyone ! I'm a young yoga teacher and I teach for 1 year now. During 1 year I was teaching 8-10 classes a week with 1 day off. I was happy that way but it was obviously not enough to pay the bills. As I needed money for my second year of teaching I have accepted aaaaaallll the opportunities possible lol. I was super motivated, guided by my love for yoga.

I am now teaching 18 classes a week and sometimes more than 20 (no day off obviously). I am exhausted, I am going to some of the classes like "god please not again", sometimes I'm so tired that I don't have time for my own practice, I have no social life anymore and my body is so in pain that when I have time between two classes I'm driving to my osteopath and physio. Most of all, there is no longer LOVE in my teaching anymore and it makes me super sad. I love yoga and I love to share it and teach it. But not 20 times a week. My dream job became a nightmare. I feel stressed and I want to cry everyday (I often cry on my mat actually). I feel annoyed about my job, not about yoga just by the intensity of teaching it.

Is it normal ? I guess yes. I have no idea what to do... I don't want to stop teaching but I want to find my love for teaching again. Sometimes I feel like I'm not very nice with the students because I'm just unhappy and tired to teach the fourth class of the day and to think that I'll do it again the next day. So I'm angry against myself because I feel that I don't do my job in a good way with integrity and love and kindness, as I used to do it before.

Does it happened to you ? What am I supposed to do ? How to bring my love for teaching again ?

Thank you thank you for reading this and answering.

I send you LOVE. ❤️

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