Beginners Question: Tight Hips or something else?

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Hi everyone,

I am doing Yoga also in class since over a year from time to time and since 3 month additionally 3-5 times a week on my own at home with YBC. At the beginning I noticed problems with my hips when doing standing splits or half moon pose. I paid a lot of attention to hip flexibility excersises and in general I am not bad at all when it comes to flexibility (do not need a Yoga blog or so). However when I am supposed to do these one legged standing position I always have hip pain/cramp on the side of the standing leg. 

I now wonder if it is due to unopen hips or if something else is wrong. Are their any poses to train/flex this area so I won’t feel that pain while doing one stand poses?

Thanks for your help ?

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 I’ve found that practicing against the wall can make those poses less taxing on the standing leg. The goal of the pose isn’t to get your hand to the ground (you boast that you don’t need a block).

Unless you are able to stand with straight leg, hips in line facing the side, shoulder open completely and able to look up to your fingers, like this...

104856E8-5445-4ACD-BFD9-1DC75F7E9894.thumb.jpeg.195da217d9528ee8e9023272f1528fad.jpeg...maybe you should use blocks.

If you’re feeling cramp when you do a pose, the body is telling you that you should use a prop.  

Practice with your back against the wall, like this...

ABF9ED7F-8FB8-41D5-ADBB-2D5B8475DFD8.jpeg.1756939fd1e9f5c2b32ab9048547a491.jpeg...stay in this position for a minute, focusing on getting your top shoulder and hip flat against the wall. 

If you can’t open completely, grab a prop, like this ...



Alternatively, standing with foot on wall can also help strengthen leg and improve balance (revolved shown). 


Again, the goal isn’t to touch the floor without a prop. The goal is to get the benefit from the full and proper expression of the pose. Listen to your body, pain or cramp is telling you that you’re body is not ready for what your asking it to do. 


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