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Is there any yoga moves or poses that specifically targets my persistent muffin top.......or the annoying spare tire of fat circling my lower abdomen.   Its the hardest thing the the world to get rid of!

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There's no such thing as an exercise that can remove fat from a specific part of your body, your body carries extra fat where it wants to and there's nothing to be done about that non-surgically. You can lose weight that will probably shrink the muffin top. Another thing to keep in mind is to be sure you're wearing good fitting pants, low rise tight pants can make a muffin top on anyone!

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Oh I know about the tendency to store a little extra for the long winter in that area!  <a href=http://www.freesmile

Although body fat in general will choose for itself where to go, belly fat is to some degree the exception to the rule. I am no medical expert, so this is my best understanding: A number of things can trigger the body into storing extra fat around the waist - especially a diet high in sugar and other non-complex carbohydrates, that will make the blood sugar rise and prompt the body to release insulin. The subsequent blood sugar drop then prompts the body to store fat around the belly.

I was actually motivated not by my muffin top but by years of unstabile blood sugar levels with daily drops, that made me nauseaus (and hangry :53:​ ) to explore this. For me, the easy little trick, that has stabilized my blood sugar, is to never eat carbs alone. Always some fat or proteine to go with it. The fat or proteine reduces the speed the energy hits the blood stream and therefore reduces the effect on the blood sugar. It has done wonders for my blood sugar levels and there fore made it much easier for me to function - the slimmer figure is just an added benefit :54: Good news is: a good diet with lots of veggies, healthy fats and proteines and complex carbs + exercise, sleep and yoga may actually help you rid yourself of the muffintop. 

And then of course there´s also the possibility of making peace with the muffin top  :0:

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