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Ask A Yoga Question, Rolling Over The Toes

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There were quite a few people asking about rolling over the toes. The ‘Ask a Yoga Question’ is getting a bit long and confusing so I started a new topic here.
I think if anyone has broken their toe in the past there is a caution not to do this or be very careful. I am not sure about the details so check into it yourself.
And for everyone there should never be any pain.
And I am NOT a yoga teacher just an average yogi.
I always like lots of little learning steps to get there.
The easiest way I know to learn this is start in updog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) the tops of the feet on the mat, a normal updog. Then flip (flip not roll) the right foot over. Put all the weight in the right foot on the ball of the foot. Now the top of the left foot will still be on the mat with almost zero weight on it. Lift the hips up into down dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) , as you do this gently let the left toes roll over with zero weight on them. Guess what, you’re done, you just rolled over the toes! You might get a squeamish feeling the first few times you do this but that’s all good. The next step is to gently add a little weight to the left foot as you do this. And switch sides. You can also shift back and forth from downdog to plank - gently roll the toes in both directions. Over time add more and more weight. After your toes get toughened up you will be able to add more weight and roll over both at the same time.
If anyone has any troubles just come back here and we will try and work on it.
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